Beautiful blooms

Labor Day Weekend is the big, splashy end-of-summer hurrah where we live.  The farmer’s markets are slowing down, pools are closing and, if last night’s temps were any indicator, the heralding that fall IS here was unmistakable.  I don’t mind.  My favorite September outfit is a pair of well-worn jean shorts with a comfy hoodie.  Nothing’s better.

So – yesterday we hosted a bbq and it was great fun.  It’s mostly about the company we keep, right?  Food-wise, though, a barbeque is a little tricky for me because I rely on the substantial sides – baked beans, corn bread (yes, all the carbs) because I’m an almost vegetarian. 😉

I know for some that’s against the rules; you’re either in or your out but I confess that an occasional well-done burger or piece (or two) of bacon still tastes good.  If I can shut down my brain.  Yesterday was not one of those days. I could not self-talk my way through eating a bratwurst.  No amount of ‘eat, enjoy and do better next time’ was going to work.

Everyone else in our family/friend group?  Meat eaters – all of them.  Fine, I say.  Just know that I won’t be enjoying those overstuffed, homemade brats from the local German meat market.  Hard pass.

And you know what?  Yesterday I was reminded that delight comes in other forms.  Yes, I enjoyed other items on the menu, but it wasn’t my best eating day (aforementioned carbs followed by double chocolate brownies).   

The non-edible delight?  A friend arrived with the most spectacular bundle of lettuce-edged roses – pink at the curly outer edges – and it made my day.  Given the option, I’d trade brats for blooms any day!

Whatever you’re doing today, I hope it’s restorative and peaceful – however you get there.  Me?  I’ll be admiring the roses.  Grateful for friendship, home and hearth.


-Vicki ❤

11 thoughts on “Brats for Blooms!

  1. What a lovely bouquet! I was vegetarian for several years and I may have “cheated” a few times. 😏 Glad you were able to enjoy the BBQ and indulge a bit… that’s something we can all benefit from once in a while. Cheers! Take care and have a wonderful week!

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    1. You know, it’s funny, I often heard that if you go to a sausage factory, you’ll never eat another sausage in your life. If you go to a hot dog factory, you’ll never eat another hot dog in your life. Well, I went to a chocolate factory as a little girl and it just shows you that it truly is the food of the gods: I love chocolate now even more than I did then 😀

      From the depths of the scorching heat wave to the west, we’re very jealous of the signs of fall you’re experiencing. Hope we get to TASTE some of that here soon! 🙂 (The pun just called to me…)

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      1. LOL – thanks for the giggle! My tour of a bakery/cheesecake factory was like your trip to the chocolate factory – it did nothing to take away the tastiness! 😉
        I’ll send you some cool breezes…a taste (wink) or the whole buffet’s worth. I’ll see what I can do. xo!

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        1. See? Chocolate and baked goods > sausages! We’ve officially proven it 🙂

          I can’t wait for said breezes! There are multiple alerts about power outages throughout the week: not a good combination with the heat wave 🙂


  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m with you on trading brats for blooms. Especially blooms like that! 🤍


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