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You know that desert island question?  The one where you mull over which food item you’d enjoy if you’re permitted one edible delight ONLY  – and that’s it for the rest of your natural born days?

What’s your answer? Me?  Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Although I worry – if I ask for pizza and that wish is granted, will my lifetime supply come along with proper refrigeration and an oven?  Just thinking ahead about food safety.  If I’m stranded on an island I don’t need food poisoning on top of everything else. Can you tell I’m not the outdoorsy, camping type?  😊

If I CAN have anything I want, let me be more specific.  Ordering! Pepperoni pizza, please, which presents a number of issues.  I know it’s not good for me and don’t bother trying to sell me on turkey pepperoni swaps.  Don’t mean to offend anyone, but ick.  Just ick.

My love of pepperoni pizza is ancestral, genetic.  My dad knew I hated eggs so he’d sneak a little side dish of pepperoni my way so I could mix it into the scramble.  You know, to zhuzh up those bland (invariably runny) huevos.  Even so, I know my favorite cured meat is a guilty pleasure – despite the conjuring of pleasant ‘pepperoni with pops’ memories.

My discovery?  My lifelong love of pepperoni is really about the spice and seasonings and I can recreate that yummy taste without the nasty health implications (nitrites, fat, salt, preservatives) and the whole “how the sausage is made” imagery that I struggle with. 

This pic from my kitchen this morning shows simple veggies – almost a fridge clean out – of yellow onions, garlic, tomatoes, and spinach.  Mixed in – a little salt, Italian seasoning, red pepper flakes and olive oil. 


frying pan with colorful veggies
Pepperoni swap!

Et Voila!  I bring you pepperoni flavoring in a veggie sauté that makes a delicioso pizza topping.  Or bruschetta topping…or flatbread topping…or a pasta mix-in. Heck, I ate it on some leftover crackers just a bit ago.  Don’t judge.

This blend has become my new favorite utility player in the kitchen because it’s the best-ever fresh topping to a boring frozen cheese pizza.  It’ll take whatever you’ve got —  a few mushrooms if you have those on hand.  Peppers?  Sure.  I’ve even done this with finely shredded carrots and while I know that sounds ridiculous, you don’t notice them from a taste point of view but they do add a little crunch and color.  What’s wrong with that?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I still want pizza as my desert island food, but if that’s not possible (with or without pepperoni) I’ll run through my other favorite foods in the “P” category:  potatoes, peanut butter, pineapple.  What about you?


Vicki 😉

12 thoughts on “Desert Island Food: Pepperoni Pizza!

  1. I’m going to go with… apples. I love them and I guess IF I had to eat them all the time I could. Of course a little cheddar cheese and some whole grain bread with olive oil would be a nice addition. And maybe a few celery sticks and some ranch dip. And some walnuts, too. I may have strayed from the intent of this question.

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  2. You didn’t stray any further than I did…outlandishly requesting refrigeration on a desert island. Let’s order all your add-ons – they sound yummy. Thanks for the giggle, Ally, and for playing along. xo! 😉


  3. Oh girl, yes to the pizza! Only difference is I’m fine without it being refrigerated (as far as leftovers). Love me some cold pizza for breakfast. 🍕Sadly, I can’t have it anymore for health reasons (due to the flour, and also, the sugar and tomatoes in the sauce). But when I can find a cauliflower crust one and go sauceless – or make something similar at home, it’s ON! 🤤Such a fun post! 🤍

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  4. That pepperoni-flavored sautee sounds incredible! I may need to try that for breakfast today. 🤤 I can’t quite decide what I would chose… Dark chocolate would be great, but I would probably starve lol! So, I guess, well-seasoned chicken. Similar to An Audience of One, I also can’t eat pizza for health reason but, if I could, that would be my top choice too!

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  5. Wow – that veggie mix looks great, Vicki! I can see why that was a lovely addition to frozen cheese pizza.

    My desert island foods would be carrots, apples with cheddar cheese, peanuts and Diet Coke. Oh, was I only supposed to pick one? 🙂

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      1. That list sounds like I am a lot healthier than I really am. It’s just that those are my go-tos but I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Just couldn’t imagine living off of it (and having sugar withdrawl headaches on a deserted island.) 🙂

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