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A special story about resiliency and love, my book about my mother’s complicated life, “Surviving Sue”. Available now: Surviving Sue | Eckhartz Press.


“Surviving Sue” is a heart-wrenching story about the torment of keeping secrets, told from the daughter’s perspective as she navigated her mother’s mental health and addiction issues, while trying to shield and protect her disabled sister.  “Surviving Sue” is about the power of storytelling to build resiliency, a guidebook for others who struggle with complex family issues including Alzheimer’s, depression, alcoholism, developmental and physical disabilities.

Praise for “Surviving Sue”

…”a heart-breaking, yet somehow optimistic personal account…”

 From the moment Vicki introduces us to Sue, we are captivated. Fascinated not only with Sue’s character, but how her turbulent persona ironically affects Vicki, Lisa and the others who are nearest and dearest to her. At the same time, we are mesmerized by Vicki’s strength and resilience, her dedication, and the multitude of emotions she expresses as she takes us through this heart-breaking, yet somehow optimistic personal account. This narrative is so engagingly well written and can teach us so many lessons about family – kudos to Vicki for sharing it with us.

Bruce Bohrer, author of Best Seat in the House: Diary of a Wrigley Field Usher” and former higher education colleague

…”a rollercoaster of laughter, love, wounding and redemption…”

The combination of humor and heartbreak in “Surviving Sue” unlocks a special chamber for reflection. Dr. Vicki Atkinson offers so many wonderful insights about what life with a complicated character like Sue brings and it’s a rollercoaster of laughter, love, wounding, and redemption. This book is a meaningful journey through the bonds of family, loving difficult people, and how we can heal intergenerationally in order to raise healthy families.

Wynne Leon, entrepreneur and author of Finding My Father’s Faith

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