When You Crack Yourself Up

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If you’re reading this and thinking – Gah! You already posted something today – what’s this!? Keep reading. Please. 😁

So…. this happened.  Yesterday, I posted a comment on a terrific blog – I don’t know the blogger in any way, and this was a first-ever bit of chiming in on his thoughtful post. 

Seriously…I need to slow down and proofread what I’m doing…or WordPress needs to come through with comment ‘edit’ capability – maybe just for me?  No – this was not the first time I’ve served up a typo or sent a comment with words missing….and typically, I’ll reply to MY OWN goofed-up message just to acknowledge the typo or the whoops.

Yesterday?  I couldn’t bear to do it.  Enthralled by my own stupidity, my mistake prompted deep belly laughs (with a snort or two mixed in) as I wondered what the sweet blogger thought of my, umm…odd comment. 

What did I do?  In trying to offer an insightful thought (first mistake, Vicki?) I had the imagery of a playground teeter-totter in mind – you know, related to the push/pull and polarity of our crazy lives. 

What did I type?  Teeter-TOOTER.  Yes, friends.  When I caught what I’d done – of course after I hit ‘submit’ – I succumbed to a tidal wave of giggles.  Childlike recollections of fart jokes and epic bathroom humor.  TOOTER???  

Then came the stern, self-talk momentVictoria – WHAT did you just do???  TOOTER?  You just typed TOOTER to this man who’s disclosing, sharing, inspiring.  Shame on you!  And then – fix it, fix it, fix it. 

As I regained my composure, more or less, I noticed he responded with a simple ‘like’.  More self-talk:  Maybe he didn’t see the goof?  But what about the broader audience?  Others who will see – and hopefully laugh, too? Maybe not?

It required restraint but you know what I did?  Absolutely nothing.  Well, other than continuing to guffaw at my own expense.  Oh – and I guess write about it now.

That’s my Sunday silly – from me to you!

Toot! Toot!

Vicki 😉

5 responses to “When You Crack Yourself Up”

  1. An Audience of One Avatar
    An Audience of One

    Oh my word, Girl! I’m rolling! My son tells me I have the humor of a 12 year-old boy because things like this (ie: completely awkward) are inordinately funny to me. Anyway, I was literally LOL’ing at your oops, then got to the “Toot! Toot!” at the end. New waves of giggles ensued. Ahh.. Okay, trying to get it together and act my age again. Thank you for the laughs!

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    1. I love that you love it and that it made you LOL, too! So…two grown women (at least – me and you) have the funny bones of 12-year old boys. That explains a lot! xo and thanks for laughing along with me….er AT me? Either way is good! 🤣

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  2. Hilarious! It takes a lot of restraint just to leave it! And then to share it – you are awesome! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Wynne! Kind of like tattling on myself, right? Hope you have a great day. xo! ❤

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