Favorite Artist: Robert Kipniss

Robert Kipniss
Artist – Robert Kipniss

When hubby and I were first married, we bought a ramshackle condo in need of – everything.  It had ‘good bones’ (which is what we kept repeating to ourselves, to avoid the other pervasive thought – holy crap – we’ve made a HUGE mistake). 

We did the newlywed nest-building and except for vacations where we’d tag along with my folks, or follow his family to the great Northwoods, we spent our time, funds, and energy on our home.  We learned heaps and heaps of lessons about DIY do’s and don’ts and mostly, looking back, those were good times because we were compatible about our goals.

HOWEVER – it was stressful at times as we were mindful of the magnitude of owning real estate.  Mistakes can be costly, and we made a few.  (Note to readers:  Do not attempt to install parquet hardwood flooring if you’re a beginner.  It was nearly a marriage buster. That and wallpapering the smallest bathroom in the world.  Just don’t do it.)

Given all of that, our families thought we were nuts when we’d save and scrimp in order to buy art for our condo.  We adored our art-loving friends who’d tip us off when something REALLY cool was available.  Learning about artists and their process was exciting and it felt very ‘adult’ to the two youngsters that we were.

Our friend Anne introduced us to Robert Kipniss and his lithographs, and we fell in love.  Four decades ago, these seemed like foolish purchases, but we needed to bring these two prints home:

They’ve been fixtures in every house since the condo and for random reasons recently, I wondered if the artist was still alive.  In Googling him, I found his website and learned he’s 91 years-old and still doing his thing.  I love that.  I also learned he started his creative life as a poet.  Why am I not surprised?  His loving landscapes ARE poetic. 

Cheers to Robert Kipniss for the joy he’s brought this married couple for many years.

-Vicki ❤

8 responses to “Favorite Artist: Robert Kipniss”

  1. An Audience of One Avatar
    An Audience of One

    Love it! You-guys found something that was important to you both and you invested it it. So cool that you still have the art, as well as the story that goes along with the pieces. And having made a few DIY mistakes of my own, I enjoyed (and can relate to) this part: “Note to readers: Do not attempt to install parquet hardwood flooring if you’re a beginner. It was nearly a marriage buster. That and wallpapering the smallest bathroom in the world. Just don’t do it.” 😆

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    1. Xo! Thanks, Kendra! ❤️

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  2. Wow – what an wonderful introduction to an artist I’d never heard of (and that’s wonderful he’s still alive and working).

    But more than that, I love the inherent story of you two building your taste together and splurging when things had quality of life importance! Beautiful, Vicki!

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    1. Awww…thank you Wynne! Appreciate you! 😘

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      1. And I appreciate you!! ❤

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        1. I AM feeling the love. ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Know you for 22 years and did not know you had Kipness art, me too!

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    1. I LOVE this so much! Soul sisters for sure! ❤️😉❤️


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