“Begin Again”

Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo
“Begin Again” – an all-time favorite film

I love the film “Begin Again”.  Yes, it’s a little salty and true to its “R” rating…but still.  I just love it. Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, James Corden and Adam Levine? Sigh.  Maybe I love it because it’s already a little vintage-y…the story from 2014 about musicians…knowing their worth and protecting it…and the impact on self, relationships.  Maybe I love it because the title is endearing. Yes, always, to ‘beginning again‘. Ahh…

Beyond the title 😊 there are three parts of the film that speak to me intensely – prompting joyful tears about the magic of creativity and the power of music:

The first?  Near the beginning when Mark Ruffalo’s character envisions – sees, hears, conducts – an imaginary arrangement of instruments to enhance Keira Knightley’s subdued vocals.  In real time.  It’s a fantastic out of body experience (alcohol-induced, but I’m disregarding that) and I can only imagine this level of musical genius.  It’s one of the best depictions I’ve seen; a cinematic attempt to showcase the continuum that is music and madness. (Sadly, it’s a family storyline, too. The burden of brilliance for the musically gifted…personal sharing to come, perhaps another day.)

The second?  I adore an endearing dad and daughter storyline.  In a rooftop recording session (near the 1:20 mark or so) Ruffalo’s character realizes his daughter (Hailee Steinfeld) is a gifted, yet tentative musician.  Dad’s got skills, too, but is reluctant to pick up a guitar himself.  When he does, his act of bravery encourages and ignites confidence in his dear daughter.  Right there on screen.  Magic.

The third?  James Corden is a goofball in the film (maybe that’s his natural state?) and there’s a scene, following the rooftop recording, where he DEFIES partygoers to NOT dance to a beat that’s hypnotic and powerful. Who can resist?  I love how this was captured on film.  It felt authentic, silly and it aligned with one of my core beliefs:  good music makes you move.  Maybe just a little – toe tapping or finger thumping – or whole-body ‘cutting loose’.  You can’t stop it.

And so…this past Friday night was movie rewind time in our house.  “Begin Again” offered food for the soul, alongside a monster bowl of popcorn. Whether it was the popcorn or the movie, a satisfying and fulfilling sense of happy still lingers.

-Vicki ❤

12 responses to ““Begin Again””

  1. I never seen this movie, Vicki! And your description is so enticing that I have to put it on the list. Thank you!

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    1. Oh…I SO hope you DO like it. xo!

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  2. An Audience of One Avatar
    An Audience of One

    I have not seen it either, but I loved reading about it! Your review was delightful. Sounds like it induces some deep thoughts and some just fun, happy feelings! 🎵

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    1. Thanks, Kendra — it does, indeed — the happy feelings flow. Hope you have a great day today! 😉

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  3. Ooh, I’ve not heard of this film, but I’m intrigued! Keira Knightley is so lovely in everything, so I’ll add this to my list. She was the mister’s teenage crush, so hopefully he’ll agree to watch it with me without too much fighting. 😉😂 Thanks for the recommendation!

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    1. See me smiling? Yes, she is the most delicate beauty…and who knew she could sing, sing, sing? I hope you enjoy it — xo! ❤

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  4. Okay, I have to watch this movie again! My wife found this movie a year or so ago and we really liked it. My wife probably a little more than me. I need to go back to it because, you’re right, it really does speak to the creative mindset! How we see how something will work, before we actually put it into our place. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for reading and chiming in….feeling same as you about the ‘creative mindset’. A great way to describe the appeal of the story! 😉😉😉

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  5. I need to check this movie out!

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    1. Please do! Hope you enjoy it. 🙂🙂🙂


  6. I LOVE that movie. So many feel goods on every level! 💖

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    1. Yeah! I’m so glad to hear that! Thank you for sharing! 😘

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