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Everything is Somewhere

When dear daughter was small, one of the most mind-numbing tasks was the constant fetching of errant ‘stuff’.  She was an only, so as a party-of-one, parent-wise, I felt terrible when I complained.  I don’t know NOW – nor did I THEN – how to magically locate stuff.

I am not blessed with GPS-like tracking skills.  Socks? Shoes? Lost Bunnies? Dolls? Trucks? Pokemon whatevers? Nope.  Unless I tripped over them and hurt the bottom of my bare foot, I generally had no clue. 

A parent’s favorite reply to ‘where’s (fill in the blank)?’

I dunno – wherever YOU left it.

To be honest, though, this is bigger than an overdue parenting rant.  Our girl is way grown at this point, so why the sharing now?  It seems the Hubster has the same trust in me…that I can close my eyes, put a finger to my temple, thoughtfully, and mull….and I’ll know wherever said-missing-in-action item might be holing up.  Nope.  Still don’t know.

I think pandemic togetherness pushed me over the edge.  He’s relaxed and easy going.  Me?  Wound. Too. Tight.  Don’t bug me with a question about where your favorite screwdriver is.  Don’t you have 99 of them?  😊

And yet, I get why both dear daughter and Hubster have faith in me.  I am the Patron Saint of Lost Stuff.  I did it to myself.  See, I’m the one who’s in perpetual pick up mode in these parts.  Yessiree.  That’s me.

If I’m a-pickin’ it up, I might as well be a-puttin’ it down — where it belongs.  (I don’t know where the Western twang and sheriff swagger is coming from.  Sorry about that.  My mind is wandering and I’m having an out of body moment as I see myself roaming through the tumbleweeds, err, piles in the house like I’m leading a search party, complete with a badge and ten-gallon hat.  I think I need sleep.)   

So what?  I do have a point here.  Getting to it! 😉 Even when I’ve lost track of something and I’m in search mode, there’s a tidbit of wisdom from my papa that rolls in.  It’s a surefire (wink!) way of calming me down when I’m rootin-tootin’ mad. 

I have learnedI am unlikely to locate anything when I’m steamed.  The more Zen, the better and this phrase helps, self-talk style:

I don’t know where (fill in the blank) is but what I DO know is everything is somewhere.’

And with that bit of wisdom, I plop down and sit-a-spell 😉 until inspiration strikes and I pick up the trail.  I don’t want to say it works every time…but it kinda does. 

And that’s that.  A Tuesday rant, and a tip of the hat, from me to you, partner.

-Vicki 😉

13 thoughts on “Send Out the Search Party

  1. 🙂 It is nice to know that you are quite adept at finding lost stuff.

    You would make a great treasure hunter, Victoria.

    I want you to take it a notch further; whenever you go on a vacation again, I want to search for lost jewellery and coins without using a metal detector.

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  2. “I’m unlikely to locate anything when I’m steamed.” So true.

    And I have a confession that in my frustration with the never-ending task to find things for others, I’ve been throwing them away. And just two days ago, Miss O asked for the bracelet charms that had been sitting in a drawer for two years. I threw them out last week — and then lied about it. Ahh, to find a happy medium has yet eluded me! 🙂

    Lovely post that is a good parenting rant! 🙂

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  3. Vicki – you are the patron saint and sheriff in your town absolutely. This is the first blog post of yours I have read, well second ( I read also you are thinking about Hurricane Ian). I smiled at the western reference and I think you keep after your herd so you don’t lose track of anything, but you might have to pull out those six guns or deprive them vittles in the future. (smile)
    I wonder if you have a post about clutter? or an About post?
    Take care and have a wonderful day. – David

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  4. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, David! Much appreciated. I love your additional imagery — so fun – about the ‘herd’, ‘vittles’ and ‘six guns’. 😉 My ‘about’ info has some details about my professional life – and a link to my business website.
    As for posts about clutter — ohhh – you’re giving me inspiration. One of my favorite topics and I think I’ve only touched on it lightly, here and there, and a bit in this post:
    Hope you’re having a great day, too!


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