colorful fall tree

This is the tree that needed a second chance.  Two winters ago, he was blasted by heavy wet snow and lost so many limbs that he looked oddly lop-sided, and battle worn.  My first instinct was to put him out of his misery and cut him down, but hubby and our dear tree-whispering friend Rich knew better.  Give him some time to recoup, they said.  Wait and see. 

While we waited, he had bursts of flourishing and then some lagging.  Not keeping up with nearby stellar show ponies – the other crabapples that bloomed with boastful branches – but still, he ‘leafed out’ and did his summer stuff.  Providing shade and snacks for birds and squirrels.

He did his best, but it wasn’t until this morning that I noticed how far he’d come.  Good for you, little guy, I thought when I noticed his brilliance.  It was a foggy, damp morning here and when I rounded the stairs with sleepy eyes, he commanded my attention.

Oh hello.  Thanks for being a bright spot on an otherwise dingey Monday morning.  I see you, too, and I’m glad you’ve mended well enough to display your colors.  Glorious, they are.

Happy Monday from me and my favorite underdog today.  Yup. A tree.


Vicki 😊

13 thoughts on “Yes, I See You

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I’m a sucker for second chances, and I love that you gave your tree time to heal. And… what a comeback your tree made. 😍

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  2. What a superstar that tree has become, given time! Coincidentally, my in-laws have a sick pine tree (a mini Christmas tree my boyfriend planted 30 years ago) that were are planning to treat today. I’m hopeful that your bright and persistent underdog can serve as an inspiration for old Mr. Pine. 😄

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    1. When we just moved into this house, in our front yard we had a few pretty trees and what looked like a weed. We asked the builder/HOA about it and they told us it’s an oak seedling, and to give it a chance… It is now a mighty oak, that like you said, Vicki, commands one’s attention! Who would have guessed?

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