raggedy anne

This is a pic of a handmade doll – one that my mom-in-law made for our DD (dear daughter) on a lark – as a weekend project – many years ago.  You read that right.  A weekend project.  Hand stitched EVERYTHING.

My photography skills aren’t the best,  but I hope you can see the loving details in Raggedy Anne’s face, dress, hair. She’s a treasure.  My mom-in-law was probably last in the line-up of skilled knitters, seamstresses in the family.  I’ve broken the chain.

How do I know? Mom-in-law tried (once and only once) to teach me how to use her sewing machine.  Truly – just to hem a pair of pants – and I think I drove her to an early afternoon martini that day.  Extra dirty, double olives.  I’m not equipped for anything involving knitting needles, sewing needles, crochet hooks, embroidery doo-dahs. Am I alone?  Anyone else out there lacking the dexterity for crafts and sewing?  Sigh.

It doesn’t take much to trip over an article about fast fashion these days and tendencies to ‘buy new’ when a shirt needs a button.  Mercifully I can do THAT but not much else.  The older I get, the more aspirational I am to buy less and work with what I have.  (I can hear a couple of good friends cackling right now, chortling, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’  Okay, fine.  Shoes are another story, okay? Particularly my love of boots. Shove off!)

Feeling it was time with winter approaching, I spent a few daredevilish days winnowing my wardrobe and it involved a treacherous dive into three closets.  I’m not a pack rat, but some clothes hold memories and that’s where things get sticky for me.

I’m a whiz at whipping other people’s closets into shape but my own?  Pokey, pokey, pokey.  But I get there.  As I sorted through a few items never worn and established the piles for Goodwill, the women’s shelter, and a secondhand thrift store, I felt a cloud of melancholy trudging along with me.  I can do better – make more conscious and conscientious choices.  I don’t want to do this privileged purging routine – ever again. 

Meanwhile, I might – no promises – pick up knitting needles again this winter.  My dear friend Kathleen is a talented textile artist and two of her handmade scarves are among my all-time favorite accessories.  Maybe she’ll give me a pointer or two?  I’ll noodle on it because I’m a terrible student (as mom-in-law knew) and I’d hate to drive Kathleen toward any bad habits.  Especially any “coping mechanisms” I might provoke. 😉

All of this pondering? Blame it on Raggedy Anne.

Vicki 😊

14 thoughts on “It’s Raggedy Anne’s Fault

    1. I wish I was skilled like that! Once I was trying to re-attach a button the fell off my shirt (that I was wearing), and after a couple of minutes of laughing (I’m assuming with me. Though it might have been at me 🤪), she just took over and that button never detached again 😁 Vicki, I feel we suffer from the same disability …

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  1. The privileged purging routine — ah, what a phrase you’ve spun there. I think of that all the time with my closet and as I try to do my best with my kids hand-me-downs. They are making clothing so cheaply these days, especially for kids that it’s so tempting to buy another $5 pair of leggings for my daughter instead of living with what we have. Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Vicki!

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  2. I swear some times you people (bloggers) are reading my mind. 😆Just this morning, I was thinking about how I need to be a better steward.

    As to sewing of any kind, no way, no how. I tried once as a teenager, and my experience was similar. I was attempting to make simple jumper, but it came out asymmetrical (way before that was a style). I’m way too impatient for any of the sewing/knitting type things, but if you take Kathleen up on her offer, please do keep us posted and share pics. I shall live vicariously through you. 🪡🧵

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    1. I’m laughing!! So glad to know I’m not alone, Kendra! I LOVE the asymmetrical jumper story. So much. We should talk more…I once attempted to make a pair of pants to get a Girl Scouts sewing badge and kept sewing the legs together wrong…making a maxi skirt instead. I’m a lost cause!
      Thank you for the giggle. 😉😉😉

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  3. I can relate to having no sowing skills. We had sowing class in 7th grade and I couldn’t even thread the machine properly until near the end of the semester. Fortunately the girl I had a crush on sat nearby, took pity on me and helped me at least pass the class- so it wasn’t all bad 😁

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