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I’ve noticed something and I’m wondering if you have, too.  One of the things I enjoy about blogging is the rippling of thoughts and ideas between and amongst bloggers.  I don’t think we have club meetings and there’s no secret handshake…or coded lingo.  Am I right? 😉 Just awesome humans sharing thoughts and observations, often with humor, consistently with insight, often for the greater good.  If there is one, I missed the mission statement, too.  You know, the sort of thing that extols team virtues and highlights goals and intentions.  Still, my blogging observations brought me to this conclusion: Helping one another feel less alone through spirited comments and positivity is a broadly accepted ideal. No framed mission statement required.  

Before you say it, I will — blogging also serves singular purposes.  Yes, I see that.  Getting words…reflective of our thoughts and feelings…into plain sight is pretty darn satisfying.  It’s nice to have readers who chime in with, “Hey, me too” or “Oh – did you know…” as they offer snippets of their own experiences.  Super cool…but blogging-as-journaling and allowing a free flow of expression, regardless of any assumed audience is also pretty darn awesome. 

More than once, I’ve seen sparks and connections between bloggers and their posts.  A fascinating tidbit shared by one, begins a churn of reflective thought for another. Inspiration at work. Interlocking and interwoven threads, like ripples on water.

More than once…with no perceptible, prearranged intention, I’ve seen fellow bloggers share heartfelt posts on strikingly similar topics.  No interval existed – no gap – to read, reflect, write…as a result of a friend’s blog…it seems they were written simultaneously.  Fabulously coincidental, magically parallel…pointing at the same thoughtful target. (Again, if y’all are having secret meetings and I’m missing out, fill me in…I’ll Zoom in, hop on a call…whatever, but I don’t think that’s happening.)

So, what’s going on?  I chuckled…to myself…sitting here at my desk…about notions from sociologists and Carl Jung about ‘collective consciousness’.  The concept’s been hotly contested…for years and there’s some tussling about the origin.  Was it posited first, this theory about “constellations of beliefs and values” by sociologist Emile Durkheim, or was it Jung?  And the dark side of the theory leeches into fearsome territory – cults, for example – where ‘group think’ is desirable, to the detriment of the individual.  I don’t want to link to lengthy articles on the topic, but this resource is helpful as a primer if you want to peek.

But that’s not the point.  What is?  I think bloggers are cool and for the sci-fi fans who love a little retro Star Trek fun, I must confess this:  My musings about ‘collective consciousness’ and blogging this morning reminded me of the “Borg” – those nasty aliens who assembled into a hive by hijacking humans to create….wait for it…a collective consciousness!  I wonder if either Jung or Durkheim were credited with the inspiration?  No matter…it was a Sunday morning smile, worthy, I thought, of sharing with you. 

Here’s to more rippling waves of inspiration.  No implanted microchips required!

Vicki 😊

17 responses to “Blogging Ripples…”

  1. I wonder if there’s an element of “birds of a feather flock together”? I have a wonderful friend that I’ve recently found out we have fundamental differences of opinions in certain areas. What we both agreed on, without even discussing it explicitly, is to avoid those topics completely. We can still have great discussions that help us hammer out ideas and “ripple thoughts and ideas” in other topics, but certain topics are now “do not enter” territory…

    I wonder if we naturally “flock” to those with whom we “ripple” in sync?

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    1. I think you’re on to something there, EW! Great point…and I know so many of my blogging friends like you are funny and smart…who doesn’t want to “flock” toward that! 😘

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      1. You’re too kind! My intent was to hint that YOU are of that feather ❤

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        1. Oh goodness, no, not me! I’m just the beneficiary of a lot of good stuff from others…but aren’t you sweet. Xo! 😘

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    2. I like this theory, EW! And Vicki – great post. Perhaps we are all like minded and share a collective consciousness. Both explanations point to a delightful tribe of people with whom it is so fun to share and discuss. And I’m so grateful that you both are part of this tribe that I enjoy so much!!

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      1. Cheers to all of that, Wynne! 🙂❤️🙂

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      2. I am delighted and honored to be part of such an amazing Tribe. What a terrific way to describe it. Now all we need to do is name it!

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  2. An Audience of One Avatar
    An Audience of One

    I love how you termed this phenomenon as collective consciousness. That’s such a perfect term for it. As you said, sometimes one thought indeed sparks another. Which is fun too. But other times? The only possibility, from a timing perspective, is that people are on the same wavelength! And if there’s more to it – if it’s a cultish thing, or there’s some subliminal messaging going on, well, it’s a pretty cool cult to be a part of. 😆🤍

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    1. Oh – that’s a perfect way to think of these coincidences—wavelength phenomenon, yes! And I’m with you – whatever we call it, it’s definitely cool…and fun. Xo! 😘

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  3. 💯😎Long live the ripple!

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    1. Your sunglasses emoji makes my day…I keep forgetting to tell you that. It’s like a cool Fulginiti trademark. No one else should use it. And yes! Here’s to rippling good fun!

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      1. Haha thanks! 🙂 I would ok with having a trademarked emoji- sounds lucrative haha🙂😎👍🤑

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        1. Oh yeah! Monetize those shades! 🤪

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  4. Great insight. I notch it up to creative folks finding a home. I know for me, when I can be vulnerable, authentically me and know that I’m in an environment where I can share, I’m taking in information and being much more creative than if I stay in my own little hive. I think it’s creative folks vibing off of each other. What do you think?

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    1. I think you nailed it! “Creative folks vibing off of each other.” And…as you said, feeling safe enough to be who we are…and share accordingly. Thanks for that, Brian! Hope you are having a great day today! 😉

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  5. Well said. There is a ripple effect among bloggers who are curious and open to it. I’ve done this for a long time and I love the sense of community, but will admit that there are some blogging cliques out there that make me wonder about people. I avoid them, of course– preferring to groove with the fun ones.

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    1. I don’t like sound of blogging cliques…I barely survived them in junior high! Here’s to grooving, as you said, with the fun folks only! 😉xo!

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