You Win…My Admiration AND a Cupcake!

I’d like the thank the smart and sassy person who provided this morning’s chuckle…but I have no idea of the source.  If you do, let me know.  I saved it as a scrap. (Yes, I’m still working out my organizational issues…it’s akin to the mess I make when I clean a closet…everything needs to come out, but wowzers – I hate the motivational buzz kill when you create a cyclone scene before the cleaning commences.  Don’t you agree?)

Back to the scrap, my barely discernible, sun-faded and raggedy scrawl.  I understand from my friend Michelle that this precious tidbit is a popular pin on Pinterest.  She’s right – I found it there – betwixt and between other ‘motivational’ bon mots.  Maybe the scrappy version I found was a remnant saved by one of my relatives? Maybe it’s a voice from the past – from my mom, who was a painter and a creative, tortured soul in her own way?  I dunno, but I LIKE it. 

Such a build-up.  I can hear you thinking – just share it already!  Here you go:

Stages in the Creative Process

  1. This is Awesome
  2. This is Tricky
  3. This is Crap
  4. I AM Crap
  5. This Might be Okay
  6. This is Awesome

Think about your last creative foray…did you run the gamut, from #1 all the way back to #6 – basking in your awesomeness?  That’s a fun, full-circle experience, I say.  Me? I often get stuck after I pat myself on the back (#1) and find myself lingering at #5 – but only after I schmooze myself out of the quagmire that is #4:  I create crap; therefore, I am CRAP. 

Most of all, these silly ‘stages’ make me laugh. Even when our creations don’t meet the wacky, often arbitrary standards we set for ourselves, we’re still making something…from nearly nothin’ – whether it’s artistry in words, painting, photography, music. For that, I say everyone deserves praise and admiration and a resounding standing ovation…I declare you…AWESOME.

As a reward, I’d love to send you a cupcake…all pretty with extra sprinkles.  Since that’s impractical, just imagine…and enjoy.

Vicki 😊

17 responses to “You Win…My Admiration AND a Cupcake!”

  1. An Audience of One Avatar
    An Audience of One

    Sometimes I wish we could rate posts but then, this one would be off the charts anyway. If we had a way to rate from 1-5, for instance, this would be, oh, around a 15. It so perfectly hits the nail on the head. It could also apply to home improvement projects, by the way, but when it comes to blogging? Whoo boy! Loved it!

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    1. Oh…you’ve got me giggling, again Kendra! Thanks so much – I think we’re pretty like-minded…we love creating but then we need to shut down the nasty voices…not from readers but from ourselves, right? Here’s hoping your Saturday is full of fun – creative or otherwise. Love ya! ❤❤❤

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      1. An Audience of One Avatar
        An Audience of One

        I think you’re right on that! Love ya back and hope your day is delightful as well! 🤍

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    2. I love this! And Kendra is so right on when she talks about it applying to home improvement projects and blogging — even sometimes making dinner?? Oh, and I go through these cycles just getting through the day.

      And what I think is especially amazing is that we get past stages 3 & 4. But I don’t think everyone or every project does. So I love your beautiful cheer and cupcake, Vicki! So perfectly you to provide that extra appreciation and oomph to get us through..

      And that is beautiful!!

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      1. Thank you, Wynne…I figure…life is short…let’s cheer for everything — dinner, projects around the house…getting up and out of bed! Hurray for all of that…small wins can be the best wins. xoxoxo and hugs to you! ❤😘❤

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  2. Isn’t it interesting how children don’t seem to have this issue? They create with abandon. Somewhere along the way our inner critic takes residence and we spend the rest of our lives letting it raise doubts, all while not even paying rent!

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    1. Oh — I love that thought! Taking up space w/o paying rent…oh my goodness. Great point about kids…creating JUST BECAUSE! Thank you for that, Evelyn…and Saturday smiles to you!

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      1. Yes, that’s a great thought about the inner critic not paying rent!! Exactly right, Evelyn!

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  3. This is great, and so very true! We’re all our own biggest critics, aren’t we?

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    1. Indeed we are – sending love and hugs! 😉❤️😉

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  4. I often think of how much more I would and could create if I could just kill off my inner critic. I try to limit him by trying to spread out the process, getting whatever I’m creating down on paper so that I have something to start editing and shaping. I may not like it when I come back to it … but I’ve invested time into it. I find it hard to rip up and throw into the trash if I’ve already invested some time. But, yes the process is crazy!

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    1. It helps to know we’re not alone…in the crazy! Thanks for sharing, Brian. 🙂🙂🙂

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  5. That list of stages is so true!! 😁 I love this post! 😎

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    1. Awww….I’m so glad! Thanks, Todd! 😉


  6. Wow those Cupcakes look very delicious😍😋 and mouth watering Victoria.

    Have a great day🙏

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    1. Thank you! You, too! 🙂


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