I know a few dear humans who — right now — are running on empty…so many obligations…never enough time. So, this morning I’m sharing a meditation that I’ve offered to those I love for years. These are my simple morning affirmations, useful especially when I feel less than capable, overloaded.

The Delightful Day

Rise with the sun…or whatever facsimile of sun, clouds or inclement weather may greet you.  See the magic in the shades of gray, the majesty of the ever-changing wonder of nature.

Stretch your body…as much as feels right for you and remember…while your punch list of projects and tasks might be daunting, take that deep, restorative breath anyhow.  You’ll do your best.  You always do.

Pause to wonder…how might you make a difference with your day.  For yourself, for someone near or far.  As the new day reveals itself, consider completing a long-overdue task – just one will do – or examine a fresh-on-the-scene challenge…and move forward with courage. 

Stretch your mind.  Consider doing the thing that seems out of reach.  Ask for help if you need it.  Be the one to encourage someone else, if you can.

Rest easy.  Allow yourself to feel pride and a sense of accomplishment at day’s end…remembering that a fresh start is on the other side of well-deserved slumber.

Most of all, take care of you!

Vicki ❤

19 thoughts on “The Delightful Day

  1. Love this, Vicki! Life gets so hectic, and especially at this time of year, the to-do lists can easily become overwhelming. In fact, were you in our house, eavesdropping last night? 😉 These are lovely and I could feel myself relaxing as I took each one in. Thank you! 🤍

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  2. I love this, Vicki! It seems so simple, yet is so profound. I can see these affirmations being particularly useful during those times where you feel overloaded, like you can’t catch a break. Lovely!! ❤

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  3. Beautiful, Vicki! I love the stretching of the mind, body and encouragement muscle. It’s such a full-circle meditation from beginning to end of the day and it’s wonderful!! Thank you for sharing this! XOXO to you for your inspiration and encouragement!

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  4. So kind of you to share. Love it. Need to copy and paste and come back to this. As you know from my blog today, love the do your best advice. I come back to that often . . . especially with work. It’s the only thing you can do. You’re best. Sometimes it works, sometimes maybe not, but you can’t be anyone else!

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