ICYMI: I’m sharing a post from a few months ago that you might’ve missed because it feels like a perfect ‘take two’ for today…it’s very cold here, which makes me think of teatime and taking care of ourselves. Enjoy! ❤

I love this book – A Decent Cup of Tea by Malachi McCormick.  Nothing’s better than a tiny volume which dispenses good advice (and a few tea-time recipes) tucked within engaging cover art.  It’s enchanting as it sits in the ‘top of the stack’ location – displayed prominently in my office because it feels like art.  A beloved book for many years and yet…I only recently deciphered why it appeals to me so. 

The swirls on the cover and the tendrils of steam from the teapot speak to me.  The natural movement.  Organic and calming.  As the author intended, I’m sure.  That must be why this book has held a showcase position on top of other volumes. 

Inspired to drink more tea, especially green tea for the health benefits, this book serves as a gentle nudge and a reminder to brew a pot. Every day.  Enjoy it later, over ice, or with a sweet treat, but make time for tea.

I also understand the broader, symbolic appeal of the natural swirls and steamy tendrils on the cover.  A friend recently confided that she’s struggling a bit.  Too many interlopers demanding her time and attention.  Inviting her into their swirls of stress and (sometimes) manufactured messes. 

The antidote?  Slow down to consider who and what is worthy of our time and attention. Many of us are wired to respond to calamities and crises but jumping into every swirl presented may be unwise. 

Cheers to self-care!

-Vicki ❤

23 thoughts on “My Kind of Swirl

  1. The word that strikes me here is discernment. Discerning where to draw our wisdom, discerning who to engage with, discerning how to spend our time. Wonderful wisdom, as always. Thank you, dear Vicki! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh, hey there…you win the vocabulary prize this morning, Wynne Leon…yes! Discernment…such a wonderful, one-word way to describe this…I don’t know…life goal? Pick and choose, pick and choose. Right on, friend! xoxoxo! ❤❤❤

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    2. Oh wow, such wise words Wynne has to go along with a lovely post.

      A post I sorely needed to read. You spoke directly to my heart, Vicki. And… I had missed it the first time, so I’m thankful you opted to share it again. 🤍

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      1. I know — how do you both do that — both of you have the right words at your fingertips so often! I’m glad the post spoke to you! It was from ‘the early days’ of blogging and it only got a couple of views, so I figured it was safe to repurpose…plus it was a reminder I needed today, too! xoxo! 😉❤😉

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          1. Awww…thanks for that! Big hugs right back to you. I hate to be a ‘recycler’ of content and I promise I won’t do it often, but it felt like a good Sat morning message – even if it was a ‘take two’. 😘

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  2. Thank you, Victoria, for sharing your insights about “A Decent Cup of Tea.” I know the feeling when a certain book stands out from the rest. The following point that you made stood out: “Slow down to consider who and what is worthy of our time and attention.” And in that slowing down, we may also recognize other incredible gifts.
    The best to you and your family this holiday season! 🙏

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    1. Thank you, dear Art! What a beautiful comment — slowing down to recognize other gifts. Yes…what a beautiful intention. Hope you are doing well — taking good care. xo! 😉


  3. I have this same book on my bookshelf, a lovely gift from my mother. Your interpretation of and antidote to those tendrils of stress are so perceptive! I am all for a good cup of tea (been enjoying a peppermint lemongrass blend lately) and letting the calamities float by without entwining us. ❤

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    1. Well now…you just made my day! I love that you have this sweet book, too! And yum…to peppermint tea…with lemongrass? Do tell! I think you have a wealth of wellness knowledge to impart…and yes…part of my wellness mission is letting the calamities pass me by! I’m clinking teacups with you. See me? xoxo! ❤

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      1. While on a day trip, we stopped by a shop, picked a random flavor, and I really liked it–it’s brisk and enlivening without caffeine (which makes me terribly jittery lol), so Hugo Tea Rainer blend was my birthday gift to myself this year. Clicking teacups, indeed! Cheers to ‘bits and bytes’ friendships and a wonderful new year! ❤

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  4. You must have known that I needed to hear this message. I’ve been pulled in — at least work wise — to an ongoing series of fires that sometimes have nothing to do with me. I’m working on saying no, sometimes it goes well, other days, not so much. Hence, my joke last week to open my own coffee stand!!!! Appreciate the wise words!

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  5. I read so many stories written by British authors who incorporated a cuppa tea, and it was only recently that I’ve come to appreciate what a wonderful custom it is. Yes, we need more of that sentiment, and not only around the holidays… Thank you for sharing a cuppa with us 🙂

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