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The Hubster…in a Hat

Do you have a face for a hat? 😉 I don’t think I do, but as it gets colder here in the Midwest, I think I need to put a little effort into chapeau-seeking. The last time I comfortably wore a hat it was a bucket style (hello, 90’s!) worn while walking a picket line with faculty colleagues.  Hats were not optional gear…it was cold and blustery! Beyond my complaining, though, I developed mad respect for protesters and picketers everywhere who face unpredictable weather in order to stand up, to be seen – in solidarity – for their chosen cause.

Me? I know I’m a cream puff and the combo of cold AND wet whilst protesting? Bring me a hat.  I didn’t give a rat’s patootie whether I looked good or not.  Survival, people!  (Okay – I know I’m being dramatic, but I don’t have an iota of outdoorsy in me.  Don’t get me started about rustic life and camping.  Gawd.)

But this pic? It’s the DH (dear hubster) nonchalantly rocking a little knit beanie like his head was made for it.  When hubby and I were dating…precisely one million years ago…he and my dad rustled through the coat closet, right around October if memory serves. Why? They were intent on golfing ‘one last time’ before the greens and fairways were snow-covered…and they needed more than golf gloves for the adventure.

Hubster retrieved this particular knit hat from the mound of woe begotten and mismatched mittens and gloves.  The little beanie was mine, but I could never figure out how to wear it.  Over the bangs or bangs tucked in?  Ears partially covered or fully concealed? Long hair down – or pulled on top in my signature Pebbles Flintstone poof? (Don’t judge.)

That blasted hat stressed me out. It looked so good on the DH, but I hated it on my head.  It matched a suede jacket PERFECTLY and would’ve been a great accessory and that’s where I made my mistake.  For me, hats need a purpose, like my 90’s bucket baby.  Maybe I need to rustle through the coat closet, just like my dad and hubs did decades ago.  Maybe I’ll find a beloved beret for a look-see and a tryout?  Maybe.  No promises. If nothing else, maybe my bucket baby is still around for a ‘take two’.

What’s your HATtitude? Please share and thank you for allowing me to whine.


Vicki 😉

13 thoughts on “Hat Head

  1. I’ve never heard anyone else call their hubby ‘hubster,’ so I got a kick out of that. 😃

    I’m a hat gal, mostly because I’m lazy, and don’t want to do my hair, but at times, like you, because it gives the outfit a little pop. And berets are great fun. My favorite is a fuzzy black one. You can even dress it up. 👏

    I think a lot of people doubt their hatability, but it’s just not what they’re used to. So break ‘em out, Vicki. We’ll be waiting for the pics. 😊🤍

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    1. I also learned a new word … hubster 🙂 My parents always told me that a day where you don’t learn anything new is a wasted day, so today is not a wasted day: thank you!

      As for hats, I think everyone is a hat person… with the right (or wrong 😀 ) hat. Look at this selection of what goes for hats, and tell me you wouldn’t look spectacular in at LEAST one of them?

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        1. Yeah, let me clarify. I’m not in love with all of them. 😂 The butterfly one was great too. So glad you shared, EW. That was fun! 😆

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      1. Oh my, I’m in love! must have British blood in me. So, we’re going overseas for a couple of weeks and I bought some new clothes (haven’t shopped in forever, so that was kind of fun) to coordinate in order to pack light. Well… I ordered some new hats to “go with” as well, and I thought of this post as I was hitting “submit order.” We shall see whether they work or not. I’ll have to let you-guys know. 😃

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  2. That’s cute a great picture of your DH! I love it!

    I think I used to have some concern about wearing a hat before I started climbing. But just as you found on the picket line, style goes out the window really quickly when it’s cold and blustery.

    So now I wear my stocking hats without a thought – and blend in with my fellow Northwesterners…

    May you find a hat with a purpose – because I bet you look great in them, Vicki!

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