Yep, that’s me!  I come from a long line of women who are tipped toward ‘external processing’.  Especially my mama.  Full of the gift of gab and gaffes uniquely her own, she was a complex lady with a penchant for chit-chat.  With or without jet fuel, err…her ultra-dark roast black coffee. 

Once when he was beyond exasperated with her non-stop commentary, my dad simply asked in a low, gravely growl: “Sue…Do you EVER have an unexpressed thought?”. 

We were on a cross country road trip and dad was diligently trying to tune the old AM radio so he could catch the Cincinnati Reds game.  Mom?  She had other things on her mind.  Questions about the destination, where we’d stop for the night, what sort of road food we’d indulge in, how many miles to the next pit stop/potty stop.

I think dad was okay for the first few hours, but I began to notice, from my backseat perch, that his jaw was tight – yet not as tight as his clenched fists on the steering wheel.  His grip was so firm that his otherwise suntanned hands looked more mottled and pinky-white, due to, you know, cutting off his own circulation with his steering wheel vice grip.

Eventually mom slept and I saw the color return to dad’s hands – he even stuck his left arm out the window for a while, casual-like, to catch a breeze as we sped along.  With mom slumbering, he found the sports radio station and turned the volume up.  I saw him look back in the rear-view mirror, noticing that while mom and sister Lisa slept, I was still awake.

What followed was one of the best ‘car talks’ dad and I ever had.  As a devoted fan to his favorite team, I knew he relived his own hey days as a ball player himself whenever he caught a game.  Johnny Bench was a favorite and Pete Rose, too, and dad educated me about the “Big Red Machine” roster, so I knew every player.  The baseball lesson lasted only an hour or so, but it felt like so much more. ❤❤❤

There are moments when I fall into chatter mode, like mom, and I recall dad’s road trip commentary about her motor mouth. Hmmm…applies to me, too. Given my self-awareness about being Very Verbal Vicki I’m reminded that I won’t explode if I fail to express everything I think, feel, wonder, lament, dislike, enjoy…you get the idea. 

Given that the DH (no, not the designated hitter – the dear hubby) shares some traits with my long-gone papa, I suspect his ears relish a break every now and then.  When it matters, DH is a great listener, but a running diatribe of drivel?  It’s asking too much, and I know it. 

From me to you…with a friendly, self-mocking ‘blah, blah, blah’…I’ll say goodbye for now.

Happy Friday!

Very Verbal Vicki 😉

12 thoughts on “Very Verbal Vicki

  1. I truly laughed out loud at this, “Do you EVER have an unexpressed thought?”. And then my heart warmed, reading about your car talk. I dare say it meant as much, or more, to your dad. ☺️

    Not to digress, but I’ve experienced some of those complex family dynamics a time or two as well, including on road trips. I was relating to the palpable tension, and being the child in the backseat who’s taking it all in (and maybe internalizing a little too much).

    But your story also reminded me of other and good memories that came from the tense times. And of course, it reminded me that it’s okay for some thoughts to remain unspoken! 🤐

    Such a sweet post, Vicki. 🤍

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    1. Thank you so much, Kendra. It means a lot to know that “Vicki stuff” hits a note of recognition. My blogging experience is so much richer because of YOU. I appreciate your big heart and kindness. SO MUCH. xo! ❤

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  2. Oh, we are sisters of the babble. I’ll just say out loud what I’m thinking, much to the consternation or entertainment of those around me. It gets me into trouble sometimes, but at least people know how I’m processing things. Nothing sneaky about me.

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    1. Sisters of Babble…I love that! Do we have a special handshake or motto? We’ll need to work on that. Good to know I’m not alone and good golly, Molly, do I EVER get myself into trouble, too! Yes indeed. Wish I could rewind some days…but maybe it’s just one of our lovable quirks? Let’s go with that, k? 😘

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  3. So much to love about this post – talks with dad, self-awareness, the beauty of unfiltered verbosity. It reminds me of a Sunday I spent with Miss O when she was about 4 and she didn’t stop talking all day. When I asked for 10 minutes of quiet, she stopped and looked at me and said, “Why?”

    There is a sweetness to be able to let others in to what you are thinking. And I’m so glad we get a little taste of that from your beautiful writing, Vicki!

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    1. You are far too kind, Wynne. Thank you so much. And I’m chuckling about Miss O…so she’s a talkative soul sister, too! 😘
      Oh – and I love that you picked up on my other “V” descriptor. Yup. Verbose Vicki. 😉

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