Nope, not a long post from me on this, the final day of October.

Many of us lament the loss of leaves this time of year. Me, too. And yet…as I mentally prepare for the transition to shorter days, I still welcome the reminders that nature doesn’t quit — offering take-your-breath-away-vignettes, with or without foliage.

That’s how I feel about the sunrise view I’m sharing with you from my backyard. A reminder that tree branches – even without leaves – are stunning, especially with a backdrop of early morning, pink, blue and orange brilliance.

No matter what’s on deck for you today, enjoy it all.

-Vicki ❤

15 thoughts on “Who Needs the Leaves?

  1. You know the “winter is coming” ominous warning from Game of Thrones? To me (outside to context of the book series/show!) it was more of a cheery call 🎶 🎵 “winter is coming” 💃 (that’s dancing for joy 🤩)

    I love the foliage, the rain, the wind! 🍁 🌧 🌬

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  2. I loved the colour in this photo. Nature puts on a wonderful show and I am glad where I live we have the seasons to appreciate and anticipate each one, and sometimes to celebrate when they are over!

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