So…we’re working our way through home remodeling, one laborious project at a time and now we’re tackling…sigh…the kitchen…the laundry room…and the downstairs half bath.  I’m not worried about the design choices.  THAT part of the project was big-time fun as we noodled, endlessly, about finishes. 

Nope, my dread and doom are about something else. Although we’ve had months to prepare for the demolition that will disrupt the heart of our home, I still don’t think we’re ready. And by ‘we’ I mean myself, the pooch, and the hubster. Why? Well, you know about the ‘supply chain’ challenges, right?  We’ve faced those, resulting in a 6-month delay as materials were sourced and delivered. 

During the reprieve – we enjoyed the warm summer weather and focused on the outside – landscaping, exterior maintenance – and I think I got soft. I lost my will to remodel.  Please don’t tell the hubster. I have a bad case of anticipatory stress. 

One day soon we’re going to get ‘that call’.  We’re ready!  And poof – we’ll be “living” in our house but camping style.  Oh – and did I mention we need to refinish all the downstairs floors, too?  These are wonderful dilemmas to have.  I’m NOT REALLY complaining, because I’m grateful, but still, I’m wondering if I’m ready to greet 7am carpentry friends when the construction carnival comes to town.

Obsessive thought #92 on my ever-growing punch list of self-imposed “problems”?  I need to find a robe that’s more presentable than what I’ve been wearing around the house.  No one needs to see that…

Those who’ve been down the road of major household disruption, please chime in with wisdom, humor, or a good kick in the butt.  I’ll take any/all…as I wait for ‘that call’. Oh — and I’ll take robe recommendations, too.

Big smiles,

-Vicki 😊

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21 thoughts on “Ready or Not

  1. That sounds lovely, but a wee bit overwhelming. So I don’t blame you for losing the will. 😄 We have GOT to do some remodeling as well, but I keep putting it off because I hate living with those disruptions. You’ll have to keep us posted on how it’s going. 😃 Oh, and your robe comment? Hilariously relatable! 🤍

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  2. I have survived many home repair and remodeling projects. The key is to always leave an open pathway to the bar or liquor cabinet! 🥃
    Sorry, no advice regarding robe selections although I’ve always felt the fluffier the better.

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  3. This seems like something that Ally Bean probably has some wisdom to share on since I believe she just finished.

    I can understand your stress though – it’s hard to have people in your space. But since you have a PhD, I’m guessing you are an expert at traversing discomfort in order to reach a worthwhile goal. Maybe this will feel just like college after the first few days! 🙂

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    1. Ah! Yes — I remember Ally posting pics about remodeling. I’d forgotten. And you’re right…lessons of delayed gratification like school stuff might apply! Maybe I CAN do this. Hugs to you…😘

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        1. Hugs right back…and btw, dear one, I’m enjoying a beautiful book at the moment…I’m on page 13 and the story of Kaylee and your dad…and her guest book entry? Shivers, smiles and tears all at once. XXOO ❤️

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  4. I wish I had a gem of wisdom to share but I don’t. We had some minor remodeling done several years ago- it only took a few days, but I hated it! We would have been better off staying in a hotel that week- that would have been fun 😄 Friends of mine spent 3 months with construction in their home- they said the first two weeks were the worst, then they got used to it and it wasn’t bad. I guess my project wasn’t long enough?

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    1. Thanks, Todd. A hotel? OHHHHH….I’ll keep that idea in mind when the going gets ‘really tough’. I suspect you’re right — you get used to it and like most things, there’s a beginning a middle and an end…so I’ll need to focus on that. 😉 But you know what’s extra wacky? Just after I posted this mini-rant yesterday, our contractor called and said we get a reprieve until right after Thanksgiving — so more delays, yes, but I’m not sad or mad about it…😉

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  5. We’ve had LOTS of remodeling done in this house, like the kitchen, the 3 bathrooms, the laundry room, the TV room. It has been super disruptive for months on end. My advice is don’t worry about how you look, worry about how they’re doing things. No one will remember you once the project is over, but you’ll notice every imperfection they leave behind.

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