tiny dog paws under blanket

I want to be mad but I can’t.  So I’m mad — about not being mad.  With me so far?

You might be wondering about the photo. I’m not making this easy for you because I’m tired.  As a result, you need to do your part — put a little effort in, OKAY?  Squint if you need to, zoom in if it helps…until you can say ‘I spy’ and you see the two tiny paws in the center of the pic.  Yep, those are Sadie paws.  Our geriatric love bug of a Chihuahua…our elder and pampered pooch.

Normally, I’m a puppy lover, not a hater.  I feel the same, generally for the hubster.  Good guy (and no, there won’t be a pic of his ‘paws’. Just the doggie paws.)  Today, however…I’m not feeling the love.  I can’t.  I need more coffee, Tylenol, a cold compress, a foot rub (no scratch that – I hate people touching my feet).  I want to be alone.  I want to eat all the cherry Danish, taunting me from the kitchen.  I want to watch trash TV just because…

What’s the deal?  No sleep.  Worse than no sleep, actually.  I’m feeling the fatigue that comes when you’re the sleepless one and your bedmates are snore babies.  Yup.  Both the hubster and Sadie had restful, soulful, slumber – despite their snoozy snore fest.  All night.

Sadie loves to snuggle and burrow – under all the blankets in our ‘big bed’.  We’ve become accustomed to this (although when she’s submerged under a sea of sheets and thermal blankets seven-pound Sadie disappears easily).  But not last night.  Nope.  She picked up a new habit, noodling her way up to our pillows after thoroughly sniffing and inspecting her normal turf, under the covers.  The hot doggie breath was bad as she nudged me to get her snout on my pillow.  I scooched her away.  Hubs?  He accommodated her and rolled to his side, effectively sharing his pillow with the pooch as they positioned themselves back-to-back. 

Weird, I thought but okayAnd then, they began snoring in unison.  Hubs started it, more on his back than his side which is dangerous…this is when his snoring is loudest…so much so that his sweet sister, years ago, wondered how in the bloody hell I was:   1. Still married to her noise-maker brother and/or 2. Why I punished myself by attempting to “sleep” in the same bed. 

I tried to be a good sport at first.  I mean, I’m not a monster.  Their positions on the pillow?  Kind of darling and sweet.  While they were rhythmically wheezing and snorting together, I figured I’d roll over and sleep would come.  Nope.  Then the orchestra arrived with a woeful “horn” section and something that sounded like a whistle.  I flipped my pillow over, hoping the cool side would help.  It didn’t.  I turned my cheesy sound machine up to ‘full monsoon rainstorm’.  It didn’t help.  I shoved Sadie gently.  Just a nudge – thinking she’d wake and move – just enough to knock off the noise.  Nope

Given the time change and all, I figured it must be time to get up – somewhere.  So, I did.  I had that adrenalin rush of ‘Who needs sleep?’ and for about 90 minutes, whoa boy, I had bounce.  I did two loads of laundry, caught up on reading (Wynne Leon, I’m looking at you…your book…oh my goodness) and had three cups of coffee – two iced, one hot – and two cups of tea.  By the time the hubster and Sadie concluded their most fantastic sleep ever?  I was ready for lunch.  Or sundown. 

Neither of my two bedmates had any idea I’d abandoned them.  Both, in their own ways, gave me their regular ‘Hey there, happy Sunday’ look as if life was good and all was well.  I don’t think I growled exactly, but I did retreat to a hot shower and a bit of a ‘lie down’.  The world doesn’t look quite as bleak now.

Here’s to snore babies – pooches and partners – with the reminder that while they, like actual babies, CAN look cute as hell, when you’re the zombie in the house, nothing is truly “cute”.


Vicki 😉

28 thoughts on “Snore Babies

  1. Ughhh I’ve had this happen before! I’m a light sleeper and my husband snores as if a train is rumbling through my bedroom. My dog moose is an old lady who snores pretty loud herself. It’s no fun running on empty and muddling through the day! I hope you can fit a nap in 🥰❤️

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      1. We’ve been married for 17 years. I’m use to it at this point but when he’s gone for life flight, he’s gone every other two weeks so it’s an adjustment when he returns and an aji when he leaves 😅

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        1. Oh golly — now I can’t get past the other names…Tallulah and Scribbles? And Wynne sharing about Biscuit and Samantha?! All amazing doggie names. Let your son know I think “Moose” is the best name ever…xo! ❤


          1. Scribbles is my son’s dog. He actually is pretty new still. Tallulah is my dog, I named her. She’s 1/2 Rough coat Collie and 1/2 GSD. I know both of her parents. ❤️ Moose is the oldest and she’s a mutt but she’s the best of the 3. Do you have any pets?

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            1. Just the little monster, Sadie. She’s 13…so 91 in puppy years, right? I never imagined we’d have a tiny dog — she’s a Chihuahua – but she found us and she’s a delight…most of the time. LOL. But I grew up with dogs – mostly beagles. Your three puppers sound wonderful. 😉


              1. I have a friend who has a Chihuahua named Lucy who found her way to them after a neighbor abandoned her. They weren’t small dog people either but they cherish her immensely. I really think it depends on the dog!

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  2. Oh my goodness – I’m just laughing, out of sympathy of course. That is so hard! I know that “I want to be mad but I can’t” feeling, the zip of so much pep when you get up too early and the sag to follow. And I used to have a 150 lb mastiff that snored like nobody’s business.

    Sleep deprivation is hard. How you wrote such a fun and delightful post on little sleep is beyond me!!

    I’m glad you got a shower and a lie down. Such weird days when you get out of rhythm. Glad that Sadie and Hubs slept so well – so they can accommodate you all day long! And thank you, for the shout out!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Sending love and naps!

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    1. Wait…you mean Biscuit…was a 150 pound mastiff??? Oh my…the poops…the size of the poops! Sadie’s are like chubby tootsie rolls. I just can’t imagine…
      And no thanks needed for the shoutout. Your book is a treasure. Xo! ❤️

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      1. No, Biscuit was just an 80 lb golden retriever and he didn’t snore much. But Samantha was my dog before him — and she was a drool and snore monster!! 🙂 And you’re right – the poops were pretty big. I’d forgotten about them til now…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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        1. Still…Miss Samantha’s poops? Grande, I imagine…but the drooling and snoring are worse, I think. Who knew we’d have ‘poop talk’ today? Doggie poop talk at that. (I think the sleep deprivation thing is kicking in…) xo! 😘

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              1. Yes, yes, yes! My kids sleep mostly well through the nights these days with some exceptions when they aren’t feeling well. I know the sleep deprivation feeling and it feels harder the older I get. So I totally applaud your ability to laugh!!

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