Don’t grieve.  Anything you lose comes round in another form.”

 – Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

You know the old adage, What goes around, comes around”, right?  I love gathering pockets of wisdom which demonstrate just that – karma at work.  I’m a believer but I’m also impatient.  When, exactly, will the reset, the payback, the cosmic correction occur, I wonder? 

As much as I love these notions (they ARE my heart songs) the unpredictability of karmic wonder…my inability to tame and control the flow and natural order, despite my single-mindedness?  Annoying.  I confess it. 

Still, I’m a subscriber.  I’m down to do my part, knowing that my voice and intentionality alone won’t navigate nor drive the bus.  What fills me up while I’m waiting – for goodness to surprise me in fresh forms?  Like-minded caring souls, readers and kind people, just like you.

Here’s to you – and hopeful positivity – always. 

-Vicki 🤍🤍🤍

9 thoughts on “Heart Songs

  1. First of all, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never seen Rumi’s full name before even as much as I’ve quoted him. Funny! And thanks for that education.

    And I love your impatience — and your belief. I’m the same way. And although it seems like a paradox, I think the two are aligned to teach us something.

    Finally, I couldn’t agree more that it’s the wonderful people around us, like you, that make the waiting worthwhile. Beautiful insight and post, Vicki!!

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  2. Yes, yes, I get this completely. Why doesn’t Karma happen right when we want it to happen? Why do we have to wait? Why is patience required? Ugh. If only we were left in charge, then life would be perfect. We’d have everything under control. At least that’s what I tell myself!!!! I can understand exactly, thanks for sharing.

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  3. Why do so many people associate Karma as “getting even?” You know what I mean. How people say “uh huh, Karma’s gonna feet ya” or “that’s karma working” when something bad happens to someone. Why is it so hard to assume that good also flows through everyone and karma or fate also rewards. It’s refreshing to hear you say you’re waiting for the goodness to come around! I wish you much of it!!

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