If you let it, a good red pen can be a magic wand. 

Despite the drudgery of line editing a manuscript…all 290 or so pages…I’m learning to love my favorite tool. Yep. My trusty “wand”…my red pen.

The best writing advice ever?  Give your work time to marinate.  Even the most well-chosen words need separation from their creators…in my case a good two-month hiatus.  But now? I’m cranking along and it feels good. 

To anyone in the same editing boat, I’m rowing with you — promise – with plenty of red pens to share!

Big smiles,

Vicki 😊

11 thoughts on “Red Pen Magic

  1. “Even the most well-chosen words need separation from their creators” – love this. It’s hard to get the words on the page and then we attach to them, don’t we? This is a great reminder to get a little remove before we kill them off. I love that you are cruising, Vicki! XOXO

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  2. I wish more authors accepted the fact that letting words marinate makes for a stronger message. I’m not one to rush when I’m writing, even when it is just a blog post. Carry on my friend with the red pen.

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    1. Yes indeed…and the fun fact is that it’s “written” but now I’m plowing through edits…with a deadline coming up at the end of next month…before I send it off and see what other edits my publisher wants! 😉 Thanks much for asking, Todd! xo! 😉

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