I’m a returning blogger…back in the saddle for a few months only…with years and years in between and even then, my previous efforts were professional posts, with just a soupcon of Vicki tossed in for fun. 

When I decided to give WordPress a whirl over the summer, I had low expectations.  No – scratch that.  I had no expectations.  I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I hoped the daily practice of writing – spitting out words, ideally in a cogent manner…ideally helpful…sometimes funny…oh – and endearing…I hoped for endearing…might help tone and tighten my writing skills. 

I also know myself. I’ve adapted to academic writing when I needed to (dissertation and all) and writing textbooks…but letting my essence, good bad (and often) otherwise, free flow from fingers to keyboard is nirvana. Heaven…for me…but I know I may not be everyone’s cup o’ tea. What rolls out may not be of interest to all but still…it’s ME…and any errors, omissions, bad syntax, or grammar? Not intended to harm the hearts, eyes, souls of readers who are better writers. Promise. After a few weeks, I was pleasantly surprised when sweet fellow bloggers received me, encouraged me, inspired me. More than I’d hoped for.

Blogging for enjoyment was the goal. I left my day job behind and launched headlong, about two years ago, into my consulting business, which I Iove…because my clients are terrific and whether I’m working with individuals or groups, it’s a rare experience when I don’t benefit as much or more than those who pay me.  How’s that?  Well…forgiveness for the repetition, but connection in life is everything to me.  Allowing ourselves to be known, “seen” and when combined with opportunities to serve and lift up a fellow human?  Best.Stuff.Ever.  The feedback from clients, specifically about blogging was unexpected and affirming with nudges…Vicki…keep writing…blog more, please.  So, I pivoted to WordPress and here we are.

As I’ve balanced blogging with other projects – helping others and getting a book ready for my publisher – I’ve seen a shift in how I use my time and it’s because of you.  Yep, you – the person on the other side of the screen reading this. I’ve fallen into a comfortable cadence of WordPress writing, mostly in the morning, interspersed with other duties. I enjoy reading and commenting on the posts of fellow bloggers.  Fellow bloggers who are smart, wicked-smart, and funny.  Fellow bloggers who are insightful and knowledgeable on a range of topics…teaching me about music, art, literature, philosophy, and technology while expanding my worldview of cultures and history.  I love the person-first stories, the photography, the poetry, the tips, and tricks. I’m in awe.

While out with a dear friend for breakfast last week, I forgot to turn notifications off on my phone.  She knew I was dabbling with blogging again and asked, as I apologized and silenced the WordPress app, my two email accounts, text messages and IG, “How’s the blogging community?”  She’s seen the lively comments and caring tone in exchanges with fellow bloggers and was curious.

She’s right about the caring tone.  So many lovely acquaintances…dare I call you friends? The blogging relationships are unique in my life but no less endearing, just because they’re virtual.  I laughed at my friend’s question, “How’s the blogging community” and replied, “It’s richer and more rewarding on an interpersonal level than a lot of conventional, you know ‘brick and mortar’ friendships.”

It’s a bad habit to laugh at my own silliness, but the ‘brick and mortar’ phrase tickled me.  “Oh” my friend said, “That’s how it is…I’m brick and mortar, eh… so what do you call the blogging friends?”  I didn’t have a witty answer for her…I dunno, I thought.  They’re magical, insightful, thoughtful…and ‘real’ in the most important sense and the fact that they’re slightly intangible, physically, doesn’t diminish the depth or positive regard.

I shared that explanation with her, while shoving pumpkin pancakes in my mouth and she nodded, following my train of thought, and said, “That’s so cool. It’s that thing you always talk about…meeting people where they are or in this case…wherever they are.”

Yep.  She’s got me…this tried-and-true, ‘brick and mortar’ friend.  Sharing, caring, demonstrating to each other that we matter is the stuff of a life well-lived.  If you’re a new friend reading for the first time…or you’ve popped into my blog here and there, know that I look forward to getting to know you, too. And for those who’ve supported me in the blogging world thus far, I’m grateful for your kindness, your good humor and your big hearts. Blessed to call you ‘friend’.

Vicki ❤

P.S. The puppy pic is not mine…I don’t know who deserves credit… but how cute, right?

31 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies

  1. You describe the blogosphere that I know. It’s a vibrant community of pleasant articulate people who you meet where they are, they take you as they find you. I feel closer to many bloggers than I do to some in real life people. I’m glad we found each other and that you have an irl friend who gets you as a blogger, too.

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    1. Agreed: and I’m grateful to call you, if I may, a friend! In fact, I’ll take it a step farther and bask in the adjectives you threw at the none-brick-and-mortar-friends “magical, insightful, thoughtful” whether it’s deserved or not, I feel the warmth to my pinkie toes! Thank you for sharing your ponderings with us/me!

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      1. Ahhh….EW….yes indeed! Feeling all the good friendship vibes from you. 😘Your posts always make me smile and think…you are a terrific source of knowledge of all sorts…and I’m so pleased to have “met” you this way. Cheers to happiness all the way down to the pinkie toes! ❤️😉❤️


  2. What you’ve described is dead on for me too, Vicki. With a background in business writing, this started as a “just for fun endeavor” (and I still struggle not to write in business lingo). But people have been so supportive. It’s humbling, especially in my case, as not everyone wants to read about God. 😜

    Generally speaking though, I think the atmosphere is partly due to the fact we’re all creating content, of a sort, which can leave you feeling a little vulnerable. And yet, others are doing the same, and so we support one another. As Ally Bean said, people accept you for what you are. So refreshing!!

    But… but… BUT… I also think there are just some amazing people on here. Different ideologies, theologies, and all of that, but with warm and caring hearts. People like you. 🤍🤍

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    1. Oh goodness, Kendra. Sending all of that graciousness back to you. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, your powerful story and as someone who appreciates spiritual boosts of all sorts, your writing about God is educational, always, and from your heart. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. Love to you and your family. ❤️

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  3. Love your blog Victoria. Love your take on things. Always fun to read. Especially this one. I’m glad you come back to blogging. I think you’re spot on, for most of us there’s some level of vulnerability in our writing. At least, that’s how I feel. You’ve been a big help to me . . . finding out that I’m not the only one thinking a particular thought or emotion. Did I read correctly: “getting a book ready for publishing.” Oh you have to tell us more. That’s wonderful. Anyway, please do keep on writing and thank you for the encouragement. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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    1. Wow…you are so kind…I feel like this turned into a ‘good vibes for Vicki’ post — and I didn’t mean for it to…but your sweet comment made my day. I agree — good to know we’re not alone when we’re mulling over stuff…and you’ve done the same for me…writing about a topic that hits home, very often. Thank you for that….and yes…I’m finishing up edits to a book about my mom…due to my publisher at the end of next month…and then we’ll see what edits he has up his sleeve. 😉 Crossing fingers that it all comes together. As you and I have traded blog posts about parents (you – your father and me – about my mom) I’ve felt we have a lot in common. Just one of the topics I’ve enjoyed in your blogging work. So… thank YOU, Brian. It’s been my pleasure to meet you here and to call you friend!

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      1. Take the compliments, they’re well deserved. Oh that’s wonderful to hear about the book! I’m intrigued already. I’m sure it will be a must read. Parents are a ton one … love ‘em, but they do leave us lots of material too. And finally, yes friend, I’m so glad to meet wonderful friends like yourself on WordPress. I must admit that I never expected that to happen. I thought maybe I’d have a chance to share my writing, figure out what I thought about a few topics, but friends, no way! What a great surprise! Thank you!

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        1. Thank you, Brian…big Thanksgiving smiles to you and the family…loved your post this morning and your musings about the holiday. As you said, much to be thankful for! 😉


          1. One more thing. I almost forgot. I’m working on my own version of the days of the week as people in my head. Loved your version. I’m still tinkering with it, hope to post it next week. (If you don’t mind, I would obviously love to credit and link to your original. Please, please do let me know if you have any problems with that!) Yes, lots to be thankful for, see a lot of folks on LinkedIn and elsewhere, getting laid off and dealing with challenges. We have our share of ups and downs but I feel blessed.

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            1. Ohhhh…I can’t wait to read your “days of the week” with a Brian twist! Yes of course, please feel free to link to my silly post – I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Appreciate your sense of humor and your positivity! 😊😊😊

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  4. Oh, I tingled from head to toe all the way through this one. I have so many comments – starting from endearing — which you do so well. And I love the brick and mortar friendships line too. That is awesome.

    You have captured the magic of the blogging community so well in this post. I’m so grateful that you have become one of my very real friends even without being in real life. I so appreciate your wisdom, wit and warmth – all of which you do so well.

    Grateful for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Ahhh…and then there’s you, my blogging scarecrow friend…you know the line from the “Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy says goodbye to the Scarecrow…”I’ll miss you most of all”? Taking a little liberty, I’d twist that just a tad and say dear Wynne….
      I’m grateful to you…most of all.
      You were the first encourager-in-chief, cheering me on and reading every word…even when I wasn’t sure I liked any of what I posted. Thank you so much for that and for inviting me…and so many others…into your wonderful, soulful world. You are a touchstone for many and your generosity — sharing your sweet D and O with us? The best. So, I pronounce you the most Wynne-ing-est Wynne I’ve ever known. Special through and through. Xo to you, my very real and dear friend! 😊😘😊

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      1. What a sweet, sweet comment. I have tears in my eyes. I’m so glad that you are in my wonderful and soulful world. Not sure I can take much credit for cheering you on – you are a treasure and bright light that brings so much to this world!!

        But I agree on this being special through and through! XOXO my friend!

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    1. Right back to you, Todd! I’m glad we connected, too — your blogs are delightful, and you always provide either food for thought…a chuckle…or both. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! 😊

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  5. Oh my, how did I miss this? ‘Brick and mortar’ friendships gave me a chuckle this morning! Without knowing you were an ‘old school’ blogger, I knew that you were. I was very active on WordPress 2010-2015… I wonder if we ever crossed paths back then. I like to imagine so. 🧡🧡 🧡 And those puppies, oh my heart melt for Bernese mountain dogs… sooo cute!! 🧡

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    1. Sending SO MUCH love your way this morning…and am I right — your first name is Teri? I feel bad that I haven’t been able to address you directly in all of your sweet posts and comments. Yes — maybe we did cross paths before…how fun! Thank you for all the smiles – puppy-related, too! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

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      1. My first name is Erin! 😊 I’ve had weird stalkers in the past, so I try to stay semi in the shadows, but you’re more than welcome to address me by my name. So fun!! The blogging community truly is a wonderful place to be!

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