holiday tree with white lights

I love a little trompe l’oeil in the morning…or anytime.  When you peek at the pic – at first – does it look like the tree’s inside?  Maybe your peepers are more finely tuned…at 5am..than mine. 

I know we’re not quite at Thanksgiving here in the U.S., but it’s the hubster’s tradition to do exterior lights and holiday decorating before we experience full frozen tundra.  And…given the shenanigans going on inside, with remodeling and all, we decided we’d enjoy the “deck tree” as if it’s inside the house.

Instead of placing this year’s evergreen near the railing and away from the door, hubs (dear man that he is) indulged me a bit when I begged…pleaded…fussed…about MAYBE trying something new…by centering the tree …still on the deck…. but just outside the door.  “Maybe” …I said…” it’ll be like an inside tree and will bring some cheer from the outside in.”

Oh, baby.  That was a tough sell.  I heard him thinking when his face contorted into a full frown, “Okay, we’ll get TWO deck trees then…one where I want it…where a tree ALWAYS goes…and one for you.”  Before he could express his thought, I was shaking my head…no, no, no.  “Let’s just try it my way…and we do NOT need two deck trees!”

He relented and what you see is the outcome.  But wait – there’s more! 😉 I completely forgot that at this time of the year, pupster Sadie I need to wrangle a new place to plop in the morning.  The sunny spot…the place we park for morning coffee in spring and summer…is anything but…. sunny. Right now, it has no redeeming features…sitting there in the morning is akin to peering into a dark hole…no glimmer of sun for hours.

So, Sadie and I moved (gasp!) and ambled into the family room and into a comfy chair across from this image…this year’s tree.  All of which reminded me of how simple it is to change ONE thing…and poof – I gain a bit of perspective.  As Sadie and I sat down this morning, this year’s tree came to life because the hubster knew I’d love it if the timer was set to turn the lights on…not just at dusk but also at dawn…so I could enjoy the lights as I try to get both eyes open.

Here’s to new views…however they come our way…and from me to you…all the best if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or just enjoying the shift in seasons…wherever you are.  Sending hugs…just because…from me, the hubs, Sadie pooch and, of course, the twinkling tree.


Vicki ❤😊❤

17 thoughts on “New View

  1. Your tree is beautiful. Centering it makes sense and brings balance to your view. And who doesn’t want that? [Oh yes your husband… at first.] I like your conclusion about making one change and everything can fall into place. Wisdom, you got it.

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  2. Oh, this view you’ve provided me makes me feel so festive! Thank you for giving us a new perspective by sharing yours!

    And I love the insight into the negotiations and thought process. It helps make doing the same in my life more tangible!

    Happy day and happy view to you, Vicki!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh, Wynne – thanks much and hey…I believe you have outstanding negotiating prowess….Miss O and Mr D present fun 🤪 challenges every day…they’re just so darn cute. Hugs to you and to them! 😉❤️😉

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  3. Loving the tree and the subtle meaning on changes in perspective. Or maybe I’m just feeling extra pensive today. But either way, I love it! P. S. I wouldn’t have ever thought to choose blue, but it looks beautiful! 😍

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    1. Thank you, dear one — sorry you’re extra pensive today. Sending love…and you’re right! The green tree , white lights and the reflection in the doorway DOES give off a blue tone…totally unintentional but I see it now that you mention it.
      Xo! ❤️

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