Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. – Colette

She might look mild-mannered…but that’s only a function of my lackluster photography skills…my inability to capture fierce ‘action shots’.

Pic #1 is Sadie, and at first glance? No big deal…just a pupster peeking out a window. But look more closely. See her tail? It’s razor sharp…ready to slice into her enemies. It’s that rigid.

What’s the fuss? See the second pic? Our favorite family of deer – just the girls for some reason – noshing on the last of the fall apples. Soon they’ll be apple-flavored ice clods but for now, still pretty tasty…and that’s driving Sadie absolutely mad.

I’m not sure if Sadie wanted to join in or if her conflicted behavior of barking, along with tail wagging (even with her taut tail) suggested she wanted to play. I asked her but she gave me the look that said “Scram, mom – I’m busy patrolling the perimeter.”

What I know for sure? This morning’s excitement resulted in an earlier-than-normal nap…with her bunny. Evidence is in the third pic.

Good morning – from me and the pooped-out pooch!

Vicki 😊

20 thoughts on “Save Some For Me!

  1. So fun how you shared the story in phases with the pictures. I could just imagine the excitement of #1, after seeng #2. And of course, #3 makes you want to snuggle up with Sadie. 😊Thanks for the morning smiles, Vickie! Love to you and the pooped out pooch! 🐕🤍

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    1. You are SO right, Linda! And you’ve seen her do that ‘protecting the perimeter’ business. Hilarious. The deer just look at her….and keep on noshing. She’s like a pipsqueak fly, I think! xo — love you! 🧡🧡🧡


  2. There’s this delightful story (From Mark Twain? Oscar Wilde? Someone else?) about a little boy who gets a puppy and becomes simply entranced by the question of what is his dog thinking. The boy dedicates his life to the study of the brain, and as an adult, now a neuroscientist, he creates a mind-reading device. His first subject is, of course, his dog, now old and frail. And guess what’s the first thought registered from the dog’s mind?

    “I wonder if humans think…” 😁

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    1. I love that! I’m telling you…EW…you share things that I’ve never, ever heard of. Keep it coming. Whoever the author was, I’ll need to seek it out — I can’t imagine anything more interesting…and in the absence of any actual scientific evidence of what Sadie’s thinking, I make it up as I go! LOL! 😉😁😉

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  3. Oh, you are so lucky. You’ve got Sadie protecting you from those nasty deer and everything else Nature could send your way. She’s protecting you too from those crazy UPS and Amazon drivers! Just think of the bedlam they would cause without Sadie to protect you. I hope you realize how fortunate you are. At least that’s what our Nittany would have us believe. Her tail isn’t quite ramrod straight, but she stands guard, ready to act on a moment’s calling — at least until the urge to take another nap comes calling! Ha, ha. Here’s a suggestion for your next book: Following Sadie around for a week and capturing her thoughts. Enlightening for sure. A beautiful pup. Love the deer too.

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    1. Sounds like Sadie and your sweet Nittany have a lot in common! And what a great idea – trying to capture our dog’s thoughts! Kinda like EW’s thought…our dogs probably think they are in charge and WE ARE the pets! 🤪

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