Every Picture Tells a Story

There is one photo of our dear daughter that brings me such joy that I literally swell and puff up with emotion, pivoting from almost crying to feeling a warm wave of blessings, like a fever dream, wrapped in abundance.  How DID I get so lucky? 

Sure, other photos have come and gone over the years, especially now that our ‘baby’ is no such thing.  She’s grown and smart and accomplished and being near her, still, renders her sweet papa nearly speechless.  

She’s the best of both of us and we see it in the lovely adult she’s become.  Thoughtful and kind?  Absolutely!  But she’s equal parts savvy about the world and the people in it. With a tendency toward trust, she’s been burned a bit, but manages to dust herself off, shoo away the ashes and messy memories and move forward. 

I don’t know whether she gets the stamina and resolve from the hubster or from me.  Maybe she received a double dose?  No matter.  We’re just grateful.

Every now and again, I ponder the idea of starting a project where I caption endearing family photos — daring to use my imagination as I meander and crawl into the head and heart of loved ones, memorialized forever in a photograph.  Just for today, I’m going to give it a whirl and play my very own game of “caption me”. Tell me what you think…

Look closely at our DD, dear daughter’s expression.  Based on that, and how her hand is gently touching the scruff on her papa’s face, I hear her thinking, “Hey mom.  Life is pretty good from where I’m at.  I love my papa, but I see you.  I love you, too.”

Wednesday hugs, from all three of us,

Vicki 💕

20 responses to “Every Picture Tells a Story”

  1. Aww, this just made my heart melt!! What a sweet and gentle little girl, and it sounds like she’s grown into a sweet and gentle young women. She definitely gets it from you. 😉💕

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    1. What a lovely thing to say, Erin. Thanks much for reading and sharing such a sweet comment. Hugs! 🥰


  2. What a beautiful picture! I can see why it makes you puff up, tear up, and feel warm and fuzzy. Great caption. Life is good, isn’t it?

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    1. Yes, yes, yes! 😉❤️😉

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  3. I love the idea of captioning photos! It seems to bring them to life and helps hold that memory a little closer to reality and and extra something to cherish. Maybe that’s what those who do find so addictive about scrapbooking

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    1. I bet you’re right! About the scrapbooking. Sadly I got booted out of the crafty moms club. I wasn’t serious enough about it to fit in! LOL!😉 Thanks much for reading, Michael and for your comment!

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  4. What an endearing picture. And BTW, good for you for getting booted out of the crafty mom’s club. Clearly, they were not your peeps! They didn’t deserve you!

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    1. Julia…I adore you! Both for your sweet comment about the photo but also for the chuckle — helping me feel less ashamed about being a scrapbooking dropout! Honest to goodness…I had mommy guilt about that! Hugs to you! 😉❤️😉


      1. Bless you dear Vicki! However much of a challenge that must have been for you at the time, it seems pretty clear that you’ve made a full recovery from mommy guilt. Congratulations! Yay you! (PS: If this reply shows up more than once, blame WordPress!)

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        1. Thank you, Julia! And if your kind reply comes more than once, so much the better! I’ll take it. 😘 Thursday morning hugs to you! ❤️

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  5. What a great reminder that inspiration is often hidden away in places we don’t see everyday. I am now motivated to go through some of the old pics I have here and there and see what comes to mind. Thanks Vicki!

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    1. Thanks, Deb! Little pockets of magic…I’d love to know what you come up with…what “speaks” to you. 🙂❤️🙂

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      1. I think those revelations will go on my future HoTM lists!

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        1. Love that! Thank you, Deb! 😘


    1. Thank you, Todd! 😎😎😎

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  6. An Audience of One Avatar
    An Audience of One

    Love your caption of the picture! 🥰And it’s a precious one, for sure. Funny how pictures of our kids can suck the air right out of our lungs again, even years later. And besides that, any time we take an opportunity to brag on our loved ones, it’s an opportunity not wasted. 🤍🤍

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    1. You betcha…especially because we moms literally ride the roller coaster of life with our babies…even when they’re grown! 😘😘😘

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