Big news, dear readers!  Wynne Leon of Surprised by Joy and I have created a shared blog space along with a team of incredibly talented contributors and thinkers. It’s called The Heart of the Matter and it’s a blog about what matters most, celebrating connections and the power of community.  

Thank you for the support you’ve shown Victoria Ponders.  When I reviewed the stats from 2022, I was overwhelmed and humbled by the kindness I’ve felt from readers who give of themselves – time, energy, wisdom and heart — to read and respond with comments that demonstrate the magnitude and power of staying connected, sharing, commiserating, and celebrating all that life entails.  It is that propulsion, the power of kindness and caring that drives this new, collaborative venture.

We have a tremendous team of wholehearted contributors and we’re launching right now — at the start of 2023 — with all the goodness we can muster, in the most inspirational, empowering way possible. Coming soon? Podcasts…and a full resource library…nuggets of goodness, curated from all of us, just for you.

My first post for The Heart of the Matter is Depth Matters and I’d love it if you’d mosey over to take a peek and follow our team in our new forum.

Victoria Ponders isn’t going away – you’ll still see me here, posting regularly about home, family, relationships and more. What’s new is this fun Vicki two-fer 😉. Victoria Ponders, where I’ll keep mulling and pondering, and The Heart of the Matter where our hearty band of blogging buds are linking arms to welcome you. Yes, you. ❤

Smiles and hugs,

Vicki 😊

20 thoughts on “Big News…

  1. Love it, Vicki! And as to the stats, whatever love we throw your way is simply what you’ve shared with us. Coming right back at you! 🤍🤍

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    1. Erin! Thank you so much…for being supportive and for your willingness to bring your talents to the team. You bring it all, my friend – the breadth and the depth – and I couldn’t be more exciting about what awaits. Hugs! 💕

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      1. Vicki, I am so grateful to you and Wynne for the opportunity to contribute! It couldn’t have arrived at a better time for me–a time when I’ve regained health, energy and lessons learned, but lack a clear sense of purpose. Opening up, connecting, and sharing on a heart-level is exactly what I need. Hugs right back!! 💕

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        1. ….and you have so much to share. Every single time you post I learn new things. Here’s to all the good that awaits…and I couldn’t be happier about your improved health. Cheers, hugs and high fives, fist bumps…all the revelry about THAT! xo! 😊😊😊

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