Every now and again I provide an update on our senior diva…Miss Sadie.  She’s doing fairly well as she approaches her 14th birthday…which will make her 98 in pup years, carry the one, add a two.  Amiright?

We have a lot of construction in progress at the house and I was worried, worried, worried about how she’d handle the disruption, the noise.  Depending upon the day, the time of day, her escape route to go potty is one of three different doors. The poor pup doesn’t know which way to wander when she’s gotta go.  It’s like a game of chance – roulette, if you will.  Maybe a fun house?

Sadie’s technique is to give us a look – a pleading ‘hey dumbos…where am I going THIS time?’ and we scoop her up and either exit through the laundry room, the kitchen, or the family room doors, depending upon which route is accessible. Each has its own hurdles and merits and by the time we figure it out, clueless humans that we are, Sadie heaves a hefty sigh, grateful that we’re finally headed toward grass.

You may be wondering…what happens when we’re not on the spot ready for her ‘look’?  Yeah, that happens.  Not often, but when we’re not paying close attention to her majesty, her “chosen” spot is a primo location right in front of the fireplace, which isn’t so bad, really.  An accident, should she have one, becomes fairly focal-point noticeable, so there’s that. (And I cannot believe I just typed a sentence about a pile of poo being a focal point…what has become of my life?!)  I figure if she’s gonna make a mess, I should thank her for squatting and doing business where we can see it…versus the alternative.  Who wants surprise poop on their slippers?  Not me! (And no, we tried the pee-pad idea, thank you very much. The Queen sniffed it and pooped next to it.)

Our girl is famous, as I guess all Chihuahuas are, for burrowing under blankets – the more, the better.  Sadie disappears beneath a mountain of fleecy goodness in order to turn down the volume of pounding, sawing, whacking, and booming…but lately she’s taken to positioning her head so she can keep an eye out, if necessary, to see if the noisy disruptors are worth a look.  Mostly not, but I was amused recently when she began sleeping with her right front paw exposed, in addition to her snout.  Ready for action at any moment – just in case mom (me!) walks by with a carrot or a dog treat.  My way of offering penance for disturbing the Queen’s slumber and allowing all of the noisemakers into the house in the first place.

It’s only Tuesday…but the cacophony has me so disoriented…are we sure it’s only Tuesday? No matter what your day is like, I’m sending hugs from sweet Sadie…and yes, a couple of the hugs are from me.  Just because.

Vicki ❤

49 thoughts on “Sadie Hugs for You

    1. Thanks, LaShelle! Maybe between the two of us we’ll call today Thursday — just to move things along a little? LOL! And I’ll give Sadie some snuggles — especially from you! ❤❤❤


  1. Aww, Miss Sadie, she’s got the right idea, burrowing under a bunch of blankets, watching any strange interlopers, but also not giving much attention either. And finally going with the flow! I think I need to follow her lead. She’s got the right idea. I hope you have big plans for Sadie’s 14th . . . that certainly deserves a treat or two or three! Maybe a doggy bed full of treats. Ha, ha! And yes, I have to agree, is it Friday yet? I’m a bit slow getting going this week.

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    1. LOL! Nope, not Friday…but LaShelle and I just made the executive decision that it’s Thursday! 😜 And yes! We’ll do some kind of puppy wing ding for Sadie’s big day! I’ll tell her it was Uncle Brian’s idea! 😘

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  2. Memories of a past cat with the furtive looks, and the puppy pads going unused. Snowflake was a dear girl but had her own old-age issues that were not easy to ignore- like the yowling in the middle of the night. There was never an answer for that one. You, and family are clearly in love with your Sadie and I’m sure, in her dog way, appreciates the care you’re giving her, especially the blankets!

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    1. Thank you, Deb! What a sweet name for your kitty — Snowflake. Yowling in the middle of the night — wow — bad dreams? I love how quirky our furry family members can be. And yes, Sadie’s a love — endless kisses from her. We’re grateful for our snuggle bunny. xo to you! 💕

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  3. Oh, there’s nothing better than a dog post on Tuesday — well, any day of the week in my book. I love Sadie, the picture of her and the way she rules the house. She probably has the construction folks giving her treats too… 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. My ten-year-old spaniel has evolved in her potty habits, weirdly. When we shifted to our new place, she’d pee and poop everywhere. A couple of years in, she’s begun scratching the door so we’d let her out. Weird. Here’s a pic of her.

    And Sadie’s such a cutie!

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    1. Oh! She’s a doll! We had a blondie Spaniel…named Pearl before Sadie came along. Love the pic! When you’ve got a face like that, you can do whatever you want 😉but I love that she lets you know it’s time to go out with a little door scratching. Smart girl! 😉❤️😉 Thanks, Stuart!

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        1. We’ll then! Thank you for absolving me! It’s snowing here this morning and the princess gave me a look just now that said “you’re welcome” when she blessed me by pooping outside!

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  5. Reading this on a Thursday but still enjoying the story. Am fascinated to know that you walk around the inside of your house with a carrot in hand. That might seem odd… but under these circumstances isn’t… I guess.

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    1. Oh…if you think THAT’S odd…LOL! I’ve been doing a lot of nutty things lately. And yes…I found a carrot in the pocket of my bathrobe yesterday. Were you peeking at me?
      Breaking News? The princess now eschews carrots…and wants…wait for it…green peppers? Whaaaa? Hubs was chopping peppers for a Denver omelet and she now has a new fascination. Come on over and help me, Ally Bean! 🤣

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  6. My sweet puppy loved any veggie or fruit except bananas and blueberries because they either slid out of his mouth, or escaped and rolled out onto the floor. He developed a healthy suspicion of them both. Fun times with puppies! Wish I could get my hands on adorable Sadie for a puppy hug.

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  7. I have written about poop only once, I think. It is about time someone brought it up.

    One could organize the world around what we take in and what must be eliminated. And yet the accumulation of both categories continues.

    Not a topic for a first date, but maybe there is more to it. Somehow I am guessing there won’t be a long line of those who who wish to address the subject. I am glad you did, Vicki.

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    1. Dr. Stein….can you see me smiling? I am! 😊😊😊 I’m intrigued to know you’ve written about poop…I can only imagine the context! LOL! You are delightful. And yes, the ‘input/output’ topic could provide endless fodder. My dad had a well-worn joke that he told anytime he saw someone purchasing a package of Charmin, seeing it move along the grocery store conveyor belt at checkout. “Hmmm…whaddaya think — is that enough TP to cover the groceries they’re buying?” He thought he was hilarious…and maybe the first one or two times he whispered it, it was…but….
      Thanks for bringing that silly memory forward! Love it! 😉


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