Every now and again I read something that I can’t shake off, arriving at the perfect time for reasons only the cosmos knows for sure. I love sharing these “pondering moments” with you…thank you for reading and being a part of my community of kind, insightful souls. ❤

Something magical happened when I found Wynne Leon’s book, “Finding My Father’s Faith” – all about her father and their twin journeys.  Her father, Dick Leon’s journey as a Presbyterian pastor, his life of service and Wynne’s remarkable journey as a mom, an entrepreneur and a mountain climber. Father and daughter, both seeking enlightenment, opportunities to love and live authentically and wholeheartedly.

My own father passed away many years ago and as I read Wynne’s book, I felt flooded with memories of how unique and powerful the relationships between fathers and daughters can be.

Wynne’s book reads like a love letter from a daughter to her papa, abundant with gratitude while also offering wisdom on multiple planes of thought.  Family? Yes! Relationships?  Yes! Spirituality? Yes! Life Goals? Yes! And most of all Honor.  Honor in how Wynne lovingly told her dad’s story…honor in how she drew connections between his goals, his path, and the realization that while their destinations were the same, their paths could be different in order to remain true to themselves.

This morning, the Heart of the Matter launches a new podcast, all about Wynne’s book. I hope you’ll hop over to listen and let us know what you think.

Friday hugs,

Vicki 😊

30 thoughts on “Books That Inspire…Instill Hope

  1. I just got chills all over reading this – because of appreciation for you, dear Vicki, because of the delightful relationship you had with your dad, and because it’s amazing to hear when someone else reads your words and comes away understanding the deep down intent. Thank you so much my dear friend – I’m so so grateful for you!

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  2. Wynne is both an amazing person AND an amazing writer. I’ve been following her blog for a while, I haven’t picked up her book yet but it’s on my list and supporting one another is SO important. Thanks for sharing this about one of my most favorite bloggers!!

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  3. Listened! Yay! Gosh, that part about the timing of being pregnant and grieving his death, writing about his life… so many layers of emotion going on there. And the timing of finishing the book then going into labor. Wow! Agreed that it’s good to know the stories of our fathers and where we come from. What a gift that was. No doubt Wynne’s dad was honored that she cared enough, wanted to know more about him, and write a book even! Such special bonding time they got to have together. He sounds like a really neat fellow. Did he ever run into the Missionaries of Charity while in India? I thought of that because the book I’m currently reading is a biography of Mother Teresa. That would just be a neat connection.

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    1. Betsy! Thank you so much for the loving endorsement! Yes…so many layers of emotion and generous sharing on Wynne’s part. We’ll need to follow up about the good question you’ve asked — I’m not sure about the Missionaries of Charity…Wynne will do doubt know! Love and hugs! 🥰

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    2. Thank you so much, my dear friend!! He never mentioned running into the Missionaries of Charity while in India. How cool you are reading a biography of Mother Teresa – you’ve got such a great reading list!

      And next up on the podcast — Ms. Betsy Kerekes! Can’t wait for that one to launch on Friday. I need to send you some snapshots this week… Wuhoo! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Hubby wants to listen to it too. I’m hoping that, upon hearing me gush about JJ, he’ll agree to letting me go back, perhaps during the summer when he has more time at home. I’m planning my strategy, including a post on my blog, around this podcast! Haha! 😛

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and sharing that lovely comment, Ryan. Much appreciated. And yes! Wynne is a person who lives with purpose. Big smiles! 😊


  4. Whoa, far out. I was just on Wynne’s blog and it’s so cool to see the WordPress community connecting with each other. That, plus all the regulars on your blog whom I also chat a lot with, makes this feel like a warm place. Might very well check Wynne’s book out too!

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