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My friend, Brian from “Writing from the Heart with Brian” wrote about his dad’s love of flannel shirts.  I loved that piece – and it became a podcast, dropped this morning and available on your favorite platform – Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Pocket Casts, or listen by following this link:  Episode 5:  Fathers, Sons & Flannel to listen on Anchor.

I don’t think I’ve met a blogging bud yet who chose to write about memories of his father, according to an apparel item – a shirt! My own papa had a fondness for crisp, white button-downs and when I wrote about him a few months ago, the story began…with a shirt.  Magic!

Maybe you’re into apparel stories? 😉 Maybe a podcast full of heart string moments is pulling you in?  Either way, I think you’ll enjoy my conversation with Brian.  Remembering those we’ve lost in endearing ways gives my life meaning…Brian’s too.  Hop over to Heart of the Matter to read more…and take a listen. 

Vicki ❤

24 thoughts on “Blogging Buds: Writing About Fathers

            1. Hmm, I have to put my Ian Flemming writer hat (the guy behind Bond) . . . how about this? The Heart of the Matter Mastermind controlling hearts and minds across the globe. Or a writer and podcaster, but really the mastermind of the Heart of the Matter takeover of the universe. Okay, now you’re seeing my creativity run amok. Anyway, you’re the leader behind all of this, Wynne! Ha, ha. Thanks both of you.

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