The song, “This Magic Moment” was in my head…on an endless loop when I wrote my post today for “Heart of the Matter”. Does that happen to you? A snippet of a song comes to mind, but you can’t track or trace the origin without the help of the internet. What DID we do before…you know…in the “PI” pre-internet days? If not for Google, I suppose I would’ve leaned on my dad, surmising that the song was more his era than mine. If not him, I’d phone a friend? You know…back in the day when phones were phones…not utilitarian, all-purpose devices that do it all, except make toast. (New-fangled versions don’t, do they?)

But I’m wandering.  Sorry!  Turns out – thanks to my quick search – that the tune in my head is from Jay and the Americans, circa 1968.  Interested in a quick listen?  It’s soooo good.  Here you go: This Magic Moment – Jay and The Americans 1968 – YouTube

If I’d been on Jeopardy and needed to summon the name of the band or singer, I was leaning toward Roy Orbison…and maybe he did a cover? Something else I’ll explore. But the point here is that the song hung in the air for me as I wrote about the preponderance of picture-taking…the plethora of pics that we can snap, snap, snap and save…thanks to our super-smart phones. I’m a fan, I think, but I’m not totally sold that it’s a good thing – the ease which leads to a compulsion – to capture an artistic plate of sushi for an insta-worthy snap. Share, share, share? Hmmm…

Take a peek at the HoTM post, entitled…you guessed it…Magic Moments…and let me know what you think.  Or don’t.  I’m open. And I’m feeling my age.  Maybe I should’ve titled this “Old Lady Grumblings”?

Sunday smiles to you,

Vicki 😊

29 thoughts on “In the Old Days…I Would’ve Asked My Dad…

  1. I also agree that our reliance/obsession wrt our smart devices is a 2-edged sword. However, if that’s your version of grumbling then you’ve proven beyond the shadow of a doubt what a glass-3/4 full person you are! 😏

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  2. I question whether smart phones make us any smarter – rather, less able to think for ourselves. They certainly don’t add to dinner time conversations. I find often someone will check something halfway through a conversation then get sucked into their phones. Others will use that as a cue to take out their own phones! Anyway I’m rambling – I’ll be sure to check out magic moments Victoria – thanks for sharing. Sunday smiles to you too 🙏

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    1. Hello, AP! Oh…great point. Yes. I agree – our phones at dinner? Any mealtime? I’ve found some friends excusing and apologizing for picking up their phones and that’s almost more intrusive than just peeking and carrying on! 😉 And you are so right — it’s as if a portal opens up — one person peeks and then it’s an open floodgate, LOL. Appreciate you for stopping by and for your spot-on observations! 😎

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  3. I fiercely hang onto the concept that a phone is a phone- meaning calling someone not in your immediate vicinity because you need/want to speak with them. Okay, I will also concede to texting if that’s appropriate. It’s not that I don’t take pictures on my phone, although the ones I do take are often blurry or not framed well, or just leave me shaking my head regarding the subject matter- such as the random squirrel sitting in my yard! In short, there is using technology wisely and then there is being consumed by technology. Being wary of how much time and what you use a smart phone for is a rational consideration. I like rational!

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  4. I could have answered your question so perhaps I can classify myself as a Jeopardy category – “Songs of the Sixties”. My husband and I were just talking about how we managed before the internet. There is a murder trial ongoing here and cell phone usage is critical in the case, every time the screen comes on, every time the phone rotates, every background application, how many steps are taken while holding your phone, etc. It is pretty eye-opening and a bit scary.

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    1. Songs of the Sixties! My fave era for music, I think…except the 70’s. 😉 Interesting about the evidence in the trial you mentioned…that’s a whole other ball of wax…data about how we use our technology and the ways in which usage is tracked. Wow. The sound you hear is me crawling into my mud hut…low tech seems less scary some days. 😉

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  5. I miss the days when we’d endlessly debate a fact or wonder about who sung a particular song. There’s something about having an open question that continues the conversation better than having an answer and just moving on. Love both your posts, dear Vicki!

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    1. Thank you, Mary Wynne! 😘 Yes…lingering over a cup of coffee, tea…or adult beverage of choice? “Shooting the breeze” as my dad used to say. Which…btw…is a phrase I’d like to know more about. Where, or where did THAT come from? Discuss! 🤣😉🤣

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      1. Ah, that’s such a good question. Well, I’m not looking it up. Do you think it came from some sport or occupation where you had to wait it out if the weather conditions weren’t right so you sat around and talked instead?

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    1. Oh…that sounds like a match made in ‘grumble heaven’. A tag team! Can we have a mascot? A secret handshake…oh wait…a particular hand gesture is coming to mind…rewind, rewind! 🤣🤣🤣 And…”keeping positivity in check”??!! I’m laughing! Yeah, man! 😎

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  6. No to Old Lady Grumblings. You’re being too hard on yourself. You bring up great points. We all know too many people stuck in their phones instead of listening to those around them. It’s a real phenomenon and one we really don’t talk too much about. Tech is good, but we have a tendency to take it too far!

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    1. LOL! Don’t discourage me yet! Todd and I are going to start a club — Old Man Rants and Old Lady Grumblings! Maybe that will make it more fun? But I’m with you…I feel like folks use their phones to ‘hide’ at times…masking social awkwardness by noodling with our tech? So many layers to all of this! 😉


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