• You Be You

    I have a former client whose chief dilemma was that he clamored to be extroverted, feeling frustrated that he never found a way to be at ease in social situations.  Sure, there’s a lot more to the story but the point is that he couldn’t get comfortable with himself.  In his mind, the more social,… Continue reading

  • Looking Out…Looking In

    Hey there!  The remodeling fun continues at our house and this morning I sat in the only chair remaining in our kitchen nook after wrestling it toward the door to the deck.  As you look at the view behind the comfy floral chair…you’ll see our kitchen has a fridge again – whoopee – but not… Continue reading

  • Picasso Knew

    Where do creative sparks come from?  I’d say they come from everywhere and everything, if we’re as aware as we can be, given the daily, relentless distractions. I need moments of pause to connect head and heart but slowing down to do so is often the first thing I’ll toss overboard and disregard when life… Continue reading