• When You Crack Yourself Up: Wishful Thinking

    I wrote a post for Heart of the Matter on Sunday, wistfully mentioning how much I appreciate it when our grown daughter leans in, expressing her need for motherly wisdom, advice, connection.  Waxing nostalgic, about her younger days when I was more of a featured player in her life, I referred to her as my… Continue reading

  • Looking Out…Looking In

    Hey there!  The remodeling fun continues at our house and this morning I sat in the only chair remaining in our kitchen nook after wrestling it toward the door to the deck.  As you look at the view behind the comfy floral chair…you’ll see our kitchen has a fridge again – whoopee – but not… Continue reading

  • I Wish I’d Said This!

    Has this happened to you…often? I’ll run across some magic words…a phrase or sentence that I swear originated in my heart. Maybe my head. Sometimes my gut. But you get the idea. And when I find out the author is anonymous? How could that be? Mystified. See what I mean: All I can tell you… Continue reading

  • Morning Giggles

    I wrote a silly post a few months ago about what a klutz I am… lacking in coordination BIG TIME. Falling down choral risers in picturesque Avignon and careening into a colleague in a stairwell. I mean…I’m a menace. It’s bad enough if you’re clumsy and the phrase ‘you’re your own worst enemy’ describes you… Continue reading

  • The Pouring Out

    Some days I don’t think I offer much at all to others.  I’m not pandering for compliments; I’m just musing over the ’empty vessels’ that we can all become. I mean…it’s my job to be a listener, advisor, coach, and source of support. On a good day, I might provide a bit of inspiration, but… Continue reading

  • Work in Progress? Me!

    I’ve been catching up with a few former work colleagues – the ones who remain forever friends despite the changes in jobs, locations, industries.  It’s true that some people pass through our lives and move on, and we glean what we’re supposed to in the process.  Lessons learned, sometimes painfully sometimes joyously and that’s that. One… Continue reading